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Sighting Report
Occurred : 2/1/2003 22:58 (Entered as : 2/1/03 10:58pm)
Reported: 2/4/2003 12:48:02 PM 12:48
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Spokane, WA
Shape: Disk
Duration:45 mins
saucer craft emitted blueish light beams into the night sky pointing to stars

Driving home from a late on call transport of a client we noticed in the northwestern sky a series of blue beams of lights. At first we thought they were maybe northern lights but they didn't move or change colors like northern lights do. So being curious we drove towards the lights in the foothills of Mt. Spokane. We took Biglow Gulch Rd. and drove a bit to get to a area to pull over in the flats that are farming lands to get a clear view. We pulled down a dirt service road next to the power lines and watched the beams lights in back of the foothills of the mountain. There was 5 beams pointing to the night skys and they seems to be pointing to different stars some beams were straight up and down and others where angled. The light beams changed intensity fading from bright to dim and did this slowly. We got back into the van to leave to drive closer to the lights when we both noticed a huge outline of a saucer shape hovering over one of the foothills. The angles on the shape where too sharp on every side to be a cloud and it would have been too low to be a cloud. The saucer shape that was hovering over the foothill was wider then the foothill. This thing was huge. And were miles from the foothill at that moment. We turned the van around and got on the main road again to head towards the foothills. Then we took a another dirt road next to a church and drove down it a bit and passed a small white toyoto truck with a canopy on the bed of the truck with it's running lights on. We didn't think to much about it because it being the weekend and teenagers out parking. So we pulled up about a block in front of them and got out of the van to watch the lights more and to see the craft. But the craft was no longer visable just the strange light were still moving around the foothills of the mountain. Then I got a strange feeling and told me husband we better get out of there. We turned around and were heading to get back in the van when I noticed that the small pickup's parking lights were off now. So we turned th! e van ar ound and headed for the pickup and our headlight hit their licence plate and it said U.S. Government on the plate. Needless to say we got the heck out of their as fast we could and back on the main road again.

((NUFORC Note: Please see other report from the Spokane, WA, area for the same date. PD))

((NUFORC Note: We just spoke with this witness, and we found her to be eloquent and credible. When we explored whether the lights might have been part of an advertising display, she said she was quite familiar with such lights, and what she saw was not consistent with such a display. She and the other witness will forward images of the event, and a second report. PD))