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Occurred : 12/1/2002 08:15 (Entered as : december 1 0815)
Reported: 1/20/2003 12:33:14 PM 12:33
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Unknown
Duration:45 minutes
loud noise comes from cigar shaped cloud hovering over my house

0815: awakened by VERY LOUD NOISE (deep, rumbling sound a very large object would make while hovering--noise pulsated at the lowest audible decibel level) which was coming from a long, cigar-shaped cloud hovering over my house. the clouds appeared to be at the 10,000+ elevation and the wind was blowing very profusely 0820: let my dogs out to do business--behaved very unusual (whining, barking, growling, running around in circles--not their normal behavior) my cats were also freeking out, running inside under the bed to hide 0825: called my friend as i was concerned--fried could hear the noise over the telephone as i held it outside 0900: sound abruptly ended--all pet behavior returned to normal--cloud (flanked by several smaller clouds--two in front--two to the rear) wind is blowing all other clouds around in the sky except for these five 0930: (aprox) hole opened up in the southern sky. a tan plane (with black stars surrounded by circles under each wing) appeared and flew out of the hole and straight down. just before it looked like it would crash, plane leveled off and flew directly over my house in a northernly direction 10:00 (aprox) cloud began to move from northwest due east (in direction of nellis air force base) cloud plus four flanking clouds stayed in vicinity for approx 2 1/2 days... was very windy those days.... and that wind moved all the other clouds in the sky except for these five 1 month later: business card left at my door from a government agency asking me to contact them at number listed regarding any strange occurances i might hav witnessed. when i phoned the number, it was a hotel that never had evidence of the guest i was asking for.

since december 1996: have observed this SAME cloud configuration on the east side over our backyard... always five clouds... always accompanied by winds.... also saw same cloud configuration in phoenix while visiting in 2000

((NUFORC Note: One of two reports from same witness. Similar cloud formations can occur in the same area, given that clouds can be the product of similar meteorological conditions, similar ground formations, etc.. We do not know what the witness witnessed. PD))