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Occurred : 12/18/2002 19:30 (Entered as : 12/18/02 19:30)
Reported: 12/30/2002 8:30:15 PM 20:30
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Kent, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:25 seconds
Black Triangle over Kent, WA

This sighting was Wednesday, Dec 18th. Approximately 7:30 PM. East hill of Kent, WA.

I had just been on the phone with my girlfriend ( approx 7:15 ) who was driving north on 405 near Renton and she had told me of three lights she saw in sky which she thought was peculiar. Moments later I'd left my apartment and was walking to the laundry room with my laundry. The skies were very clear. I heard a sound which was like a high pitch whirr mixed with a low resonating hum...I thought the sound was coming from the laundry room. Just then I watched a large black triangle gliding above the trees just to the east of me and maybe a 1000 ft up or so. It was as big or bigger than a 747 but moving half as fast as one that close might be moving. It was only a couple blocks to the east but still pretty much overhead and I clearly saw the dome shaped white lights on each corner and a red light in the middle. The red light may have been rotating or maybe a smokey half dome shape was over it rotating. I could tell the sound was coming from it but was weird, kind of resonating. Not a very loud sound either, and not one I've heard before. I watched it gliding north behind the trees and staying smooth and steady. As it moved away I could discern the thickness of the craft. Gliding overhead took about 5 or 6 seconds I'd guess, but I continued to watch it through the trees for maybe 20 seconds. After putting my laundry in, I went back to my car and drove around up on the hill a little but it was gone from sight by then. I don't see how hundreds of people didn't see that. I believe the triangle was equilateral in shape. I observed many airplanes after that, not even the same. The white lights on the corners were steady and bright, but not necessarily "unearthly". The object didn't seem to be affected by gravity, I had no impression it had weight. I attached a photoshop rendering of what I saw against the type of night sky that evening. I also attached a map showing it's approximate location and direction. My girlfriend's sighting put the lights north of my location about ten minutes earlier, yet I saw the objec! t headin g north towards her location. Either it had gone south and turned around or there may have been more than one out that night.

Earlier in the evening, the freeway had been blocked by police activity (south of this location in Federal Way) involving a car chase and then the search for two suspects which had escaped on foot. By this time of the evening, the search had just been called off, the suspects had escaped. This might be relevant to the assumption that the black triangle is a surveillance craft.