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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/1986 03:00 (Entered as : 06/15/86 03:00)
Reported: 12/27/2002 8:17:54 PM 20:17
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Gary, IN
Shape: Other
I Saw An Alien Face To Face


In 1986 in Gary ,Indiana i had left my wife and moved in with a buddy at work ,he had the groung floor , i had the basement which was fixed up like an apartment -kitchen-bathroom-bedroom-private entrance- etcetera.

After being there a few weeks i began to feel as though i was being wacthed but i kinda shrugged it off. This would accure every few days i'd catch a glimps of something moving in the corner of my eye and look and nothing would be there.(oh well , i must be tripping) i'd say to myself.

Now i must describe my room for your benefit of later events..... was pretty big 27ft by 40ft and i had a king sized water bed with a headboard with shelves in it about 4ft high(you know the one, everyones got it) full with padded rails and all.

in the headboard on a shelf was a gold three cylinder bank ,one cycinder for quarters ,one for dimes and one for nickels ,welded together but each cylinder was at different level and the bank stood about a foot tall (example)>>__ ___ __ get the idea...

anyway night i was sleeping and all of a sudden i just woke up....(i was lying on my left side close to the right side of the bed) AND WHEN I WOKE SUDDENLY ,STANDING IN MY VIEW WAS A 3ft TALL CREATURE !!! It's apearance was smooth it's color was white(I MEAN TRUE WHITE!)there was no hair anywhere , it had BIG BLACK BUG EYES !, NO MOUTH(no slit-nothing), A HUMP WHERE A NOSE SHOULD BE ,NO EARS ,it was just standing there at the side of my bed "LOOKING AT THAT DARN BANK" as if it had never seen anything like it (i guess it hadn't) I SAID OUT LOUD "WHAT THE ..? " GRABED MY PILLOW(some weapon huh..*) AND TRIED TO HIT IT OVER THE HEAD WITH ALL MY MIGHT , BUT MY HAND AND PILLOW "WENT RIGHT THRU IT" causing me to hit my hand on the bed , almost breaking my wrist!!! Excuss me if i'm shouting , but ," NOW.... AT..... THIS ..... TIME .... IT ..... NOTICED ..... I....... WAS.... THERE"!!!! IT TURNED IT'S HEAD VERY SLOWLY TO THE LEFT AND DOWN TAKING IT'S GAZE OFF THE GOLD BANK (It was AMAZED at) TO LOOK AT ME - "DEAD AT ME!!!" (now the next part took about 10seconds to acure) IT WAS NOW LOOKING AT ME ,IT SLOWLY TILTED IT'S HEAD TO THE LEFT AS IN CURIOUSITY AND I HEARD IT SAY (IN MY MIND!) """Why are you trying to hurt me?""" AND THEN WITH HEAD STILL TILTED , IT VERY SLOWLY FADED AWAY AND WAS GONE!!!!!!!!!!WHEW! Now mind you at the time i first saw it i was terrorfied ,but when it look at me and talked to me in my mind ,I HAD A VERY STRONG FEELING OF PEACE AND LOVE ,Then once it was gone i was scared again!! I was 26 then , i am 42 now ,and i've never seen it again , at the time i told the girl i was with about it and when she'd spend the night she'd wake me up fighting something in her sleep(this had never happened before)...also...after that i couldn't see it anymore but i could feel when it was in the room with me (I COULD SENSE IT IN MY MIND!) I also told my roomate ((name deleted)) about it and asked him if anyone had ever DIED IN THAT HOUSE and he said his brother died there when he was an infant! BUT!! WHAT I SAW WAS "NO DARN BABY"(not a human one anyway) Anyway i moved not more than a month later because it was always that FEELING in that basement!! I've told everyone that would listen about that ever sense "AND" I STILL FEEL IT AROUND TO THIS DAY (and i now live in NORTH CAROLINA!!) What the hell is that about!!???? Please understand this....what if the point i awoke was when they were putting me back in bed OR what if something was (for lack of a better word) INSTALLED on me and i'm being TRACKED !! OR what if i had NOT PANICED and would have said "HELLO i am ((name of alleged alien deleted)) , welcome" maybe it would have shared something with me , INSTEAD I TRYED TO KILL IT AND IT WENT AWAY!!! WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK??? This freaks me out just tallkin about gives me the creeps!! AND FOR THE FOOL SCEPTICS AND NONBELIEVERS " I SWEAR THIS HAPPENED TO ME ON MY VERY SOUL AND MIND BODY AND SPIRIT IF IT DIDN'T ACURE MAY I DIE TODAY!!"

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))