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Occurred : 8/15/2001 00:00 (Entered as : 08/15/2001 10)
Reported: 12/23/2002 1:55:09 AM 01:55
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Sequoia, CA
Shape: Light
We went on our trip to escape the overwhelming amount of people residing in Los Angeles metropolitan area. My girlfriend and I where looking foward for this "escape" from our every day urban life, little did we know this trip was going to change our views about this world tremendously, and will rise so many questions no one could possibly answer.

We decided to go camping, we had bought our gear at cosco about a year before this event, but work was always on the way because to get days off these days you have to be really polite in asking your boss, because some corporations have a hard time understanding "time off". So we finally did it was on august 2001, just a week after my birthday. We took along my father in law and his little son, my brother-in-law, and ofcourse my girlfriend.

We arrived at sequoia national park at about three p.m. and we arrived at our camping site I dont remember the exact name it was something with "creek". The reception lady was an older female really friendly looking and whit great spirits, like those kind of persons that just make you feel welcome and confortable around. she gave us advice on how to avoid disturbing the natural life around us, because is so beatiful all those trees, rivers, and humidity made the place like heaven on earth.

So we pulled out our tent only to find out that it was the small two person tent and we were three adults and one child, but we where ready to sleep like sardines it didn't bother us at all in such a wonderful place things like that are easily overlooked. the "neighboars" next to us welcomed us and where inviting us close to their fire place since we did not have wood at the time to burn our own fire, and we politely declined since they where so many and we wanted them to enjoy themselves.

To this point everything was perfect The moon was bright only the natural light of the stars along with the burnig wood from our neighbors was the source of light which was at about ten thirty there where no more noices of the chattery of all the campers and the burning wood started smelling a little stronger since it wasnt burning anymore only smoke was coming out and so we decided to take our place in the tent because the day after would be full of activities. at about eleven (at least thats what time it felt like) we all kind of woke up, but didnt relly talk it was a feeling like if something was calling for our attention. but didnt know quite what it was, first thing that came to my mind was that really nice old lady at the entrance that warn us about wild life specially the bears, so I thought well we might get to see a bear close hopefully everything is ok I thought.

I asked my father-in-law wether he heard any noise "no" he replied. hmm.. I mumbled; well is it just me or is someone's light pointing this way, at this moment we couldn't see the source of the light because the tent from the inside is covered, but it definately got brighter almost as to where you could feel the warmth from it, and my father-in-law said "yeah it's brighter", "perhaps is the rangers scaring away a bear" he said. After he said this the most peculiar feeling went through my body I felt heat coming from the outside, it wasnt uncomfortable heat, it fell like an actual lamp got close to my body and I told father-in-law Im gonna open the zipper from the tent to see whats going on with the light since its been here for a while. then I aproached the zipper and started to open it at that moment my girlfriend said "what are you doing"she said, "Well dont you see the light" i replied "yeah I havent been able to sleep either, i feel like there is a bear or something outside. So I knew I wasn't the only one experiencing this.

then I proceeded opening the zipper. At that moment whe where facing eastward opposed to the moon's position and indeed we saw a light; there was this bright light right behind some big trees right in front of us. only It seem too close to be a bright star. and too big to be a light bulb of some kind, there picking thru our tent we stared at it I would say for two minutes, then after that the most unexpected thing happen the light moved its focus from the neighbors tent to their extinct fire, I was puzzled by this light then I asked my father in law "Do you think it's the ranger?" "Idont think so" he said. and ther this bright intense light it seemed ideal for that light to be in a football field only no football field around sequoia that I knew of. So this light just I could say "staired" at the extinct fire smoke, It was hypnotising to see the light and at the same time the smoke I never payed attention to smoke before but the way it extinguishes is beautiful, you can actually create patterns of "s" shapes and rolling into the thin air, and then in a split second my eyes where flashed by an intense flash. I dont remember exactly how it happen or when, but the light was now directly in our face, my father in law said it's an ufo. I was speechless. although I was speechless though I asked him have you ever seen an ufo? "no" he replied, but thats not a normal light, I agreed as well the moment it looked at us because in fact the light was looking at us. I felt so diminished I wasn't scared I just felt really diminished, Im not sure why I felt this way. As the light made that movement from the fire to our tent it felt like in a way the light was aware of our precence and it felt we have seen it as well. so in kind of a friendly way it focused back on the smoke. after that we got reall tired the light was still there thought but neither my father in law or my girlfriend wanted to coment about it, I guess we all were so confused there was nothing to talk about.

Next morning we woke up around eight a.m. the wood still smoking and then a ranger passsed by in truck and my fahter in law stopped her and asked "hey were you guys the ones with the really bright light" he asked. "hu? what light?" ranger replied. then my fahter in law explained what we experienced the night before, then she said "well we dont have any lights that strong besides where are we gonna stand the light from the direction you are pointing beyond the little hill is a big drop my friend, so to even bring a light up to that hight would take a lot of long tubes to hold the light" So me and my father in law glanced at each other and we knew we had to go see what was beyond that little hill, as we climbed it we looke and those trees are about 100 feet thats why there were visible but the drop ws tremendous! no way it could of being a ranger with a lamp, that light was floating right by the tree branches and the thing that still amazes me the most is the fact that it was about twenty feet away from us!. From that day we have a more sencitive aspect as far as when people say they experience thing like that before we just assumed they were on drugs or something, but ever since that happened I am stil exited, anxious, scared, and puzzled by that event, yet I want to know...