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Occurred : 12/8/2002 04:30 (Entered as : 12/08/2002 0430)
Reported: 12/12/2002 6:40:45 AM 06:40
Posted: 12/23/2002
Location: Brookfield, OH
Shape: Unknown
Duration:Not Known
I was away for a weekend on a hunting trip when my companion and I retired for the evening. I was in my sleeping bag at 10 pm. I thought I was dreaming, however, my companion told me when he got up the next morning that I was gone and did not see me until Monday (12/9) at about 9am. I can not account for my physical disappearance.

I have a cloudy recollection of a dream. It seemed that I was in a room with two other persons. One was a man who identified himself as Jake and the other was a woman. The woman seemed disoriented.

There was another man present; a small dark figure. I think he called the other person "gayban". They took me into a room and I recall feeling strange sensations.

This is all I can remember. I did have some strange marks on my neck and chest area.

My companion told me I should report this on your site.


100 Date: 12/08/02
110 Time: 04:30
130 Sighting City: Brookfield
140 Sighting State: oh
190 Description: This case was deemed a possible hoax. The claimants/witneses could not be reached.
Investgated by Rick Dell'Aquilla -Assistant State Director for Ohio MUFON
George Pindroh - UFO investigator
Chuck Eppolito - UFO investigator
Email addresses are:
Rick Dell'Aquilla -
George Pindroh -
Chuck Eppolito - e-mail address unknown
Case submitted to NUFORC by Donnie Blessing - State Section Director Ohio MUFON

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to the MUFON investigator, Rich Dell"Aquilla, ASD for MUFON/OH, and to Donnie Blessing, SSD, and William Jones, SD for MUFON/OH, plus the other investigators listed above, for following up on this case. PD))