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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/8/2002 20:45 (Entered as : 12/08/02 8:45pm)
Reported: 12/11/2002 6:25:54 PM 18:25
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Bellingham, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:5-10 min
The Sound..was incrediable,the dogs went crazy,the light display was amazing

It was cold outside at about 8:45 pm on the 12/08/02...dark but a clear night.. alot of stars in the sky....I was standing out side watching my husband chopping fire woood for the fire...I thought it was strange hearing what seemed to be all the dogs of Sudden Valley howling like crazy..The I heard a strange,loud,errie sound that sounded like it was deep in the woods...I asked my husband what was that and then We heard it one more time...My husband looked up into the sky and yelled That's what made the noise...As I looked up our dog seemed bothered and the door to our explorer was opened and he jumped in...When I looked up I saw just to left of me about 1,000 ft ft up a object shaped like a triangle from the bottom but with round lights of colors of green,yellow and a lrg red one... I remember lights comming from the center of the object and lines of light went from the center to the outter part of the object then lite up the whole underneath of the was in was a dance of lights over and over...It was amazing and nothing like i had ever seen...My husband new it was the real thing and not some plane,or satalite..I knew it was diffrent then anything i'd ever seen..The sound it made was so strange and errie..

It was right above me going south of our drive way then instantly it turned west almst as if it made a L shape pattern...It was dark,but the sky was clear..We are up in the woods but my husband followed on his feet down the street and was able to get a better view....I watched it from our driveway and it seemed to be moving in a zigzag pattern....I was more stuned by what i had seen...My husband was so excited and has a much better memory with way more details....