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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/5/2002 08:56 (Entered as : 12/05/02 0856)
Reported: 12/8/2002 2:13:07 AM 02:13
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Richardson, TX
Shape: Unknown
Duration:90 seconds
daytime stationary black dot aloft showing a brilliant white light

This object was initially seen just under the upper edge of the front windshield of a moving vehicle as the driver attempted to make a left hand turn across oncoming traffic on a city thoroughfare. It was necessary to focus intermittently on traffic until the vehicle could be stopped in a supermarket parking lot. At that point, while still visible, the object simply disappeared, leaving nothing but a small and dim point of white light that continued to fade until it too disappeared. Elapsed time from the initial glimpse until the light faded completely out was less than two minutes.

The observer is a 59 year old former police detective who has extensive experience in microwave and RF engineering, and in uplink satellite telecommunications. He is also very familiar with most types of aircraft including military. The observer has had no prior sighting experience.

The object appeared as a black dot, initially about 1/8 inch in size at arms length. It was at altitude; although it's impossible to say how high without a frame of reference for size. From the observation point it appeared at a heading of about 080 degrees and at an elevation angle of around 40 degrees.

In the busy airways of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area it would have gone completely unnoticed except that it was showing a brilliant white light similar to that of the landing lights of jetliners but much brighter. The light was many times the magnitude of the brightest star at night, and was very clearly visible in the daylight. The object was not moving. There was absolutely no cloud cover in the entire area.

A departing jetliner was in the outbound pattern about 25 degrees to the south of the object appearing to be at around 5-7 thousand feet; but it was not close enough to gain a comparative perspective. A good guess would be that the object was at at least the same altitude or higher. There were no other objects aloft that were visible to the observer at that time.

The observer initially thought that the light was a reflection from the sun on the side of an aircraft until he realized that the object was not moving, was much higher than local helicopter traffic, and that the color and brightness of the light seemed inconsistent with the sun's reflection. Within 90 seconds after it was seen, and as the observer gained a stationary vantage point, the object disappeared. There was a residual point of fading white light clearly visible at the point where the object was located. This residual light gradually faded completely out.

The observer was in the area for about five more minutes. The object did not return or appear elsewhere within visibility.