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Occurred : 12/6/2002 21:30 (Entered as : 12/06/02 21:30)
Reported: 12/6/2002 10:35:59 PM 22:35
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: West Linn, OR
Shape: Chevron
Duration:2 minutes
Chevron shape with a center light followed by 5 round, intensely bright lights.

Going home on I-5S after a church christmas celebration in Portland, OR. I saw a very large, exceedingly bright light in the sky. It did not appear to be moving very fast and I was not at first able to make out any shape. I kept looking out my window, on the drivers side, of my car. As I was traveling SE, it appeared to be traveling in a north westerly direction. As I traveled past it, I was able to quite clearly see the chevron shape of the lights. I could not determine any shape of the body. It was too dark and I was traveling approximately 55-60 mph. My sighting consisted of glancing at the object and back to the road about 7-10 times. I almost ran off the road twice because I didn't want to take my eyes off of it. The formation of the lights was one light at its peak, with, I think, 5 additional lights on each side. The lights were under the craft and exceedingly bright. They were very clearly round, evenly spaced and on continuously. They did not blink intermittently or change color and they were of a very brilliant and intense. The size was immense. I saw an plane flying in the distance and even taking into account the distance I was from the plane, the size of the plane was about the size of a fly in comparison. The craft I saw also had one red light at the end of the right side of the other lights and I believe it was blinking. I am a mother, a professional in finances and am in the church program I was returning from and probably won't share my sighting with anyone else unless they bring it up.