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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/13/1995 22:15 (Entered as : 04/13/95 22.15)
Reported: 11/30/2002 11:31:11 AM 11:31
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: London (UK/England),
Shape: Light
Duration:90 secs max
Nothing on Earth glows brightly, hovers and pitches directly upwards at that speed

This report is many years late, but I now have added interest in this subject.

Well at last I have the opportunity to sit and write to you. Please accept my apologies for the delay in contacting you.

This sighting lasted only moments but it was an unforgettable occurrence.

The time was 10.15 pm in London, the conditions were excellent, the sky was crystal clear. Stars of every magnitude could be seen, it was literally a picture of heavenly beauty. It was a mild night and the temperature was comfortable. I was in my ground level kitchen washing some dinner plates, my kitchen window is situated above my sink so i had a view of the night sky where i stood.

I went to the garden to throw some scraps for the birds to feed on the following morning and saw what a beautiful night sky it was. i thought to enjoy it for a few moments and realised after a moment or two that there was a fairly low star with a piercing white light in a position that was unusual for a star even for a planet. It was small enough to be mistook for a star but, the glow was not a natural starlit glow, it was also bobbing about slightly, like a top that has been spun and cannot stay completely, still but has slight movement. Of course this movement is easily detectable because all the stars in the sky are perfectly still and anything that moves is easily detected.

I remember audibly saying to myself ,"Is that star moving." I concentrated on this 'star' to try to detect movement and sure enough it was definately hovering. I watched it for at least 10 further seconds as it humg in the sky emitting its very unusually brilliant white light.

The 'star' was about pea-sized, if you held an outstretched hand and brought your thumb and index finger together without touching.

It was probably at about 55 degrees. The object then glowed brightly and moved foreward in a straight line very slowly for about 5 seconds then stopped I staggered backwards in disbelief. Then the object stood stationary and continued glowing for about another 5 seconds. Can you imagine my surprise. Then the object glowed really bright this time, imagine looking directly into a lightbulb. Then as if someone had lit a firework the object pitched directly upwards.

When I say directly upwards, it was as if someone had used a ruler and drawn a straight line in the sky and asked this object to run along it as if on rails. But the glow disappeared almost immediately as it took off upwards at the most incredibly awesome speed i cannot find the superlatives to describe the speed, nothing that we know of here on Earth. The object then became a complete circle like a coin of light with a pinkish hue getting smaller and smaller as it disappeared DIRECTLY and vertically upwards. It was then that I realised that we were visited by a craft from outside our understanding.

I thought of running into the house for my binoculars and then realised that the speed of the object would foil my attempt to observe it closer and I was pleased that i did not. I just watched it as it went higher and higher and became a tiny speck of light. If the sky was not so clear i would have lost it, thanks to a crystal clear night.The object (speck) made a slight change in direction as it got way up, I would say about 10 times past the moon's distance as we know it.

The object now a pinhole of light headed towards a reddish star way way up. This may not be significant but it did, it finally disappeared from view but kept on travelling I'm sure. I felt that whatever it was, it certainly had no intention of returning to earth that night. But who knows.

My feelings as the object moved forward in a straight line before pitching upwards, was that it was looking at something on the ground. I may be wrong but it's mannerisms were that of a bird of prey hovering over and stalking a slow moving prey on the ground. I have no choice but to use my imagination in this instance.

I cannot say how far the object was from my vantage point, I had no point of reference, the moon was not in view, even so the whole incident lasted only about 1.5 minutes maximum from start to finish.

I was lucky to see what I saw. I believe it was a probe of some sort, nothing alive could survive the G-forces in the escape from our space.

Almost every year I stand at the same spot in my garden, at 10.15pm and run the whole thing through my mind. I remember the stars that were in that area of sky at the time, thats easy because the same stars are there every year in April.

I felt a change in my attitude after this. I felt as if I knew what millions af people did not. I felt that all we are doing here on earth don't mean one damn thing, because if they came to stay or showed themselves seriously we would be shocked into submission. We have no chance against the demonstration of raw power that I saw.

I told a few friends and my girlfriend at the time, but I only told people who knew my character and would not treat me like a looney.

Now I hardly mention it. I believe more people would have sightings of their own, but it's amazing how many people never look up in the sky especially at night. By the way with all the raw power and energy expelled in that instance, there was no sound at all.

The following day which was bright and sunny I went to the garden and saw an airliner about ten times higher than the object the previous night and I still heard it's engines' noise as it dragged across the sky. We do not have the technology to do what was done on that night.