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Occurred : 11/11/2002 20:30 (Entered as : 11/106/02 20:30)
Reported: 11/29/2002 6:28:26 PM 18:28
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Oak Creek, WI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 min
On two occasions I saw a craft that everyone tells me doesn't exist.

I work at a coal fired power plant, I was outside (smoking a ciggarette) looking toward the coal pile and noticed two bright lights heading toward me. The craft was moving very slowly, it took about 1 1/2 -2 minutes to cover the distance of the coal pile kitty corner. This is ruffly the distance of 2 football fields I guess. I watched it, trying to figure out why a plane would fly so low or close to the buildings. As it reached the coal belt tubes I could see it had two huge flood lights on the front. It then banked off to the west and I could see the shape. It reminded me of the stealth bombers. It also had three smaller white lights underneath it. I later described the craft to a co-worker who has military experience and asked him what sort of craft it was. One other thing that is probably important. I never heard any sound from the craft except possibly a very soft high pitched whine at he edge of my hearing but I wasn't sure if it was from the craft or the plant behind me. I thought the craft. in a blink it was gone. Anyway, my co-worker said no such craft exist as we know it. A stealth bomber is niether slow nor quiet. A hareier (?) jet would be the only thing that could fly that slow and they are not quiet either. He said either I had good drugs, which I don't, or it was a UFO. I don't know. Only know I saw but didn't hear. This was not the first time I saw this craft or one just like it. On sept 11, 2001, yes, the day the towers were hit, thats why I remember, I went to the store in the evening, probably around 21:00 hrs and on my way home saw the same type of craft coming toward me just above the trees. It too, was moving very slow and not making any noise. I put my head out the window and looked up the craft. it was almost directly above me, I felt I could have reached out and touched it. I watched it for a while, it continued as it was for a few minutes then took off. As it was heading in the general direction of Mitchel field where there is an air force base, I assumed it was a stealth bombe! r called out because of the events of the day. Until I talked to my co-worker about the latest episode I was unaware of the actual flight limitations of the stealth and that 'stealth' does not mean slow and quite but un-detectable by radar. So I don't know what I saw. Maybe you do.


correction to previously filed report.

I was able to determine the correct date for a report filed for 11/06/02, The correct date is 11/11/02. I found this by asking a co-worker about a job we had worked on and looking back in our log book to find what day that job happened.


((NUFORC Note: We have amended the date here to 11NO023. PD))