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Occurred : 11/19/2002 00:45 (Entered as : 11/l9/02 00:45)
Reported: 11/19/2002 10:02:19 PM 22:02
Posted: 11/20/2002
Location: New York City, NY
Shape: Changing
Duration:5 min.
strange morphing cloud scans city at night

My husband and I decided to go up to the rooftop to see if we could catch a glimpse of the meteor shower last night. Because of the full moon and because of city lights visibility was very good. While looking northeast we noticed what looked like a string-like cloud in the very distinct shape of a bommerang moving towards us. It immediately caught our eye because it hung so low for a cloud and it moved at a steady clip. We kept watching it expecting it to dissipate but instead it continued on a steady path southward and began morphing into different shapes, ungulating as it moved in the way a deep-sea jelly fish might move. But this thing was much more elastic, at once spreading out like a string then shaping into a V, curling its tails around then gathering into more of a cloud shape and again stretching out. It sometimes broke up into little tails or simply stretched out uniformly, like someone pulling at taffy. It felt as if it was scanning the city, never rising, never dropping, justing floating by at a constant speed completely silent. We thought we saw faint lights at the ends of the tails and it shimmering in general. We also smelled a distinct acrid burn in the air, almost like an electrical fire, that would appear, disappear then reappear (in keeping with the ungulating nature of movement?).

Our first reaction was it had something to do with the meteor showers, a "terminal burst in the lower atmosphere". But then, not knowing what that looks like, I would expect that to have the characteristic of linear progression i.e. dying out, like striking a match. Instead this thing was in no way disappearing. It had the feeling of living matter and we watched it continue its path through the city till it passed from our sight.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness, and she sounded credible to us. Please see other reports for this date. PD))