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Occurred : 11/15/2002 21:30 (Entered as : 11/15 21:30)
Reported: 11/15/2002 7:43:00 PM 19:43
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Milan, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 minutes
Tonight I saw a Triangle shaped craft do a complete v-turn over downtown, and speed up in the opposite dirrection.

Well, ok. I was at my high school working on our drama clubs latest production. I was getting a ride home from one of my upper classmen friends in his mini-van just talking and stuff. I looked behind me out the back window, and there was a big triangle shaped craft over downtown. It was really low, because the clouds are extremely low tonight, and it was flying well below them. It was triangle shaped, with alternating red, blue, and pulsing white lights on each angle. At first it looked like just a plane. Like a cessna or something. But all of a sudden it did this weird dead stop, and just did a complete v turn in the opposite direction. It sped off really fast but turned around again, like it was circling something. My friends didn't believe me and didn't look, but I know what I saw. My house isnt far from the sighting, and I sat in my driveway watching for a while. I've seen things like this before, one time an object almost exactly the same passed over my house, just above my tree, then 3 others followed it, but ive never seen one do a turn like that and then speed up. Anyway, I soon went in, but as far as I know, its still cirling down town. It may be coincidence, but last night there was a fire at a house near mine close too downtown, 3 brothers were killed in the fire, but they have no idea how it started, its absolutely puzzled them as too the cause. Probaly a coincidence, but Im so shooken up, my mind is racing faster than my hands. Never the less, i'm going too go out and look again. My curiosity is getting the better of me. Nothing, nothing at all. It's now about 10:30, and as far as i can tell, there is no siqn of the craft, an interesting note though, I thought i heard the roar of scrambling F-16's, I've been down too wright-patterson, i know what they sound like, and it damn well sounds like them out there. Anyway, this is all i can say for now, but ill keep watching over the night. Please believe me, i am not making any of this up, i only hope someone else saw the ! same thi ng.