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Occurred : 11/2/2002 17:15 (Entered as : 11/2/02 5:15 PM)
Reported: 11/2/2002 8:10:42 PM 20:10
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Grand Junction, CO
Shape: Other
Duration:three minutes
I was walking towards City Market Supermarket on Rood Avenue (going west) today. the sun had just set minutes before. It was still very light out but there was an orangish coloration on the mountains (they literally surround Grand Junction but the City is extremely spread out being in a mountain Desert valley).

The sky was absolutely completely clear- not a cloud i site and the sky was a lighter hue of blue at this point.

Something caught my eye. I looked up and saw and object that at first I thought was a passenger jet. I've never seen a UFO in the two years I've been here so I thought "eh it's just a jet". Jets pass that way all the time. But the thing that caught my eye was this "starish" shine it had. Then after the that faded (in about ten or so seconds), I could see that it was a metallic object and it appeared to be going away from my position (westward), yet it was somehow slower, a lot slower than a jet. It just kinda "hung" there or "drifted" in a strange way. Another thing that stood out was that it appeared to be two pods melded together. If you saw the photos on Jeff's site of the "four pod" craft it was similar to that although it was hard to really make out too much detail because it was much further up in the sky . I'd have to say it was a good 7 to 10,000 feet up there.

I was still skeptical this was not just a Jet that I wasn't making out too well when to the diagonal lower left of it (closer in my direction) ANOTHER ONE apparently appeared!! I thought I just didn't see it and that it emanated from the direction behind me to my line of sight. But the odd thing was, as I was observing the first object I WAS looking elsewhere around in the sky and saw NO OTHER objects 360 degrees around (the skyline is pretty low along in G.J.-especially on this wide avenue) So I'm looking at the second one now and it looks EXACTLY the same as the first one except closer. Now I did begin to think it was a UFO and checked to see if the other one had "blinked out" and that maybe this was the other blinking in somewhere else. The other one was still there but farther away. A couple of times I couldn't see it and then I saw it.

Now I looked closely at the second object: still that weirdness to it that didn't quite look like a jet with apparently two pods (although the "pods" weren't as vertically cylindrical-like as the one on Jeff's site).It was more horizonal-ish but with those two bubbly portions left and right. Think of a shorter and fatter cigar shapes craft hanging horizontally in the sky but with two pods for each side bulging..very odd. It also appeared to be subtley changing shape too as I observed it. A closer inspection of the object revealed a slight exhaust coming out of the "tail" of it. Very faint spray of fuel exhaust but much lighter than even the lightest jet fuel sprays.

O.K. here's the kicker: So I look for the first one and I still see it -after not seeing it for a moment .....I go "o.k. this is all going to be explainable because that's jet fuel exhaust"(still thinking about number two while tracking number one).

O.k. then I go back number two and It's GONE!!! Then I look for number one and it's GONE!!! There is absolutely nothing in the sky- and there is a whole helluva lotta sky in front of me that believe me I would see stuff up there if there was anything up there. NOTHING NADA.

This had me scratching my head. No conventional explanation exists for what I saw today.

The objects reflected the very orange color of the setting sun this evening at a few points which tells me they were metallic in nature. As far as I could tell there was no sound, but a major thruway was a block away, so it was hard to tell.