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Occurred : 10/17/2002 19:42 (Entered as : 10/17/02 19:42)
Reported: 10/18/2002 7:54:26 AM 07:54
Posted: 10/28/2002
Location: Kracow (Poland),
Shape: Egg
Duration:3 mins
Egg-shaped object traveling at high speed. Krakow, Poland.

We have seen strange egg-shaped object which traveled all across the sky at relatively low altidute (aprox. 500 m) at big speed! I flashed white then turned yellow then red and again white. Me and my friend and some other people saw that was going tothe centre of cracow city. Object made no sound (very strange, because planes make). I wonder whether there were any other people who have seen it. It's a pity that i had no camera next to me! The other witnesses was Lukas Ropa and Zbigniew Kaczmarczyk.My name is ((name deleted)) - and i'm not afraid of what people will say about me - i know what i saw!