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Sighting Report
Occurred : 4/20/1983 (Entered as : 04/20/83)
Reported: 9/21/2002 5:26:58 PM 17:26
Posted: 9/28/2002
Location: Wyoming (various towns), WY
Shape: Other
Duration:14 days
((NUFORC Note: The source of this report elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))

Wheatland-Douglas 1983 CattleMutilations UFO's seen.

While an undergradute student at the University of Wyoming, I had a job working at the University stock farm out in West Laramie. My co-worker and I were called into the state veterinary labe which was across the road from the stock farm. We were sworn in as livestock brand inspectors and were told that our intructors were told reschedule any quizzes or exams becasue we could be gone for up to 3 days. So far, everything is legitimate our supervisor tells us that if we want to quit we can quit now but we had to tell him by the next morning - the pay was excellent. We both acepted and were given physicals again including one for whering respirator gear. On and off we were told to go to a ranch and pick up some diseased (brucellosis most of the time or bangs) or dead cow. Later learned the normal crews were swamped with other cases, this where it gets weird. These other cases were cattle mutilations and in 1983, WYOMING and COLRADO had their fair share.

The incident that stand out occurred in April of 1983. The first was near Wheatland, Wy. and there we picked up cows that had the skin from the jaw peeled back or the uterus lkiterally extracted out - with out any blood! Oddly there were no strikes from scavengers or predators, what stands out to me and scred the hell out of me on this one was that there were 5 dead cows laid out neatly, no foot prints like they were dropped. The affected meat was grey like it was cooked and the cutting was not done by a scalpel becasue I had seen and assisted in too many operations to note that.

The other time occurred near shirley basin where there used to be a uranium mine. this was scrub brush country, the rancher had 2 bulls that were castrated. He admitted to us that he had seen it take place a couple of days before. There was a "helicopter" black in color with a spot light, his horse was getting nervous so he decided to get over to his folks place and on the way would check some pens where he moved the bulls, before got there he saw the helicopter there withe the light on a bull and literally lifting by the beam, the bull swivelled by its nose at the lightin apparatus of the "helicopter", the "helicopter" turned into a large black heel shaped object and humming as it lifted the bull over the ridge, he heard some screams from the bulls and it came back and did the same thing on the other two bulls. When he made it to his folks place his horse settled down. He mentioned what he saw to his Dad aand Mom and they said look at what coming over our way and it was the big black heeled object, his dad wentto the truck and got a rifle out and took 3 shots at it!!! The object wobbled and then sped away east. These people were terrified, if it had not been for insurance they would have been screwed, these were prize bulls, now worthless. We had to drop them and bring them in.

The last day on the job there were some US ARMY veterinarians at the lab - very hush hush you and my friend and I were debriefed (interviewed) about what we saw and heard from the rancher. I aksed them waht was that the rancher and his folks saw and their reply was that it did not happen and that we were sworn to secrecy as livestock brand inspectors. I got pissed off at one of them and they said they would arrest me if I did not shut up, I am by nature a very tempermental person and can turn mean quickly which is why I have no time for joking around. These army characters were abunch of weanies anyhow. The government is up to something but I don't know what they want with ripping up livestock. I am not a loon just anormal citizen who came upon your number and e-mail address on the radio. This is the Gods honest truth. I don't want to be bothered by this again. If I see one of those pencil necked Army veterinarians again he's gonna be asked some straight questions. I am in the veterinarian supply business in oklahoma, don't need the publicity. Thanks.