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Occurred : 9/10/2002 16:30 (Entered as : 09/10/02 1630)
Reported: 9/16/2002 8:31:13 PM 20:31
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Mount Shasta (near), CA
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
Mount Shasta light phenomena observed in brightly lit meadow in broad daylight for 5 minutes

I saw a single stationary light change from red to orange to yellow to green and finally blue. This occurred in a brightly lit meadow near the summit of Mt. Shasta at about 4:30 in the afternoon. The light was intense, pure, and very small (about dime sized). It appeared in front of the trunk of a Spruce tree not more than 100 feet away, slightly above head level (about 6 feet up). The light would slowly transition from one solid color to the next, and then it would remain an intensely bright pure color for about a minute before slowly transitioning to the next color. I approached the tree and examined the trunk, limbs and foliage. I could find nothing that could have emanated that sort of light. I toyed with the idea of pitch oozing slowly out and while solidifying changed the reflected color, but the pitch I observed was cloudy white and in huge dried clumps. The pitch was to the right of the location of the light I pinpointed while using binoculars (I observed the light with the naked eye and binoculars). I had a camera and didn't use it; I couldn't see the light in the viewfinder. The light could only be viewed in one direction, and as I approached the tree, the light would disappear. I have no idea of where the source of the light was in relation to the distance between me and the tree except that it was in front of the trunk about 6 feet above ground level as viewed from ground level.


With regard to the lights on Shasta, unfortunately I have no theories as to what the lights were. Here is the whole boring story:
I was asleep in the meadow when I opened my eyes to find a red light shining into them. I closed my eyes, thinking "Oh its just a reflection from tensile on the tree", thinking better of that, I reopened them to find the light changing from red to orange. I sat up and thought that was strange. When I sat up the light disappeared, so I lay back down and discovered that the light was directional. I had to be careful how I moved to keep the light in view. The 'now orange' light was intense and pure and I couldn't write it off as a reflection. I stared at it for awhile, enjoying the beauty of it; then it started transitioning to yellow. Well that really piqued my curiosity. As the light grew in intensity and purity to a very bright lemon
yellow, I took out my binoculars and isolated the position on the tree where it appeared to be coming from. I stood up to investigate but discovered that I was ill. I had a hard time going to the tree as waves of nausea were sweeping over me. As I approached the tree, I lost sight of the light as I was no longer in it's line of site, for the moment I was sure that an examination of the tree would yield the answer. At the tree, I couldn't find anything that could cause it except for maybe pitch, but the pitch was in the wrong location and none of it was fresh. I went back to my original position on the ground and found the light transitioning from yellow to green. I admired the green light for awhile and tried to take a picture of it, since I couldn't find it in the viewfinder I gave up. I tried again to find the source, to no avail. When I returned again to my original position, the light had transitioned to blue. Again I tried to approach the tree this time keeping the light in sight, but as soon as I'd get close, I'd loose the light. When I returned to the original position to regain it, the light was gone. Although I said the whole thing lasted 5 minutes, it could have been longer. I had time to sit and stare at it, take out binoculars and stare at it, run back and forth to the tree, and finally tried to get a picture of it. The camera I had was just a digital camera-not my camcorder. My camcorder would have been able to zoom in on the light no problem as it has a fantastic zoom. The camera I had with me doesn't have a very good zoom. I regret that I didn't take pictures anyway, as it may have shown up in the picture. At this point, my guess would be pretty far out at to what it could be. I have the impression that some unseen person or thing was standing there shining lights in my eyes.