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Occurred : 9/7/2002 22:10 (Entered as : 09/07/02 22:10)
Reported: 9/7/2002 8:24:51 PM 20:24
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Bridgewater, MA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:60 Seconds
Three bright objects move across the sky in formation then dissapear.

I was alone and stargazing with my binoculars, it is a very clear night, perfect for observing - in fact, the milky way was visible which does not happen very often. The sighting occured at 10:11 pm E.S.T. With the naked eye, I spotted what looked exactly like a bright satelite moving north to south. I then noticed that there were three objects in total, moving at the exact same velocity in a slightly elongated right triangle formation. There was about 25 degrees of separation between the lead object and the others. These objects did not move relative to each other, staying in perfect formation until they disapeared - first the lead object, then the two trailing objects about 1 second later. The objects twinkled and then faded quickly. Immediately after the objects disapeared, I ran into the house and checked the time and got my hiking compass and confirmed the direction of movement, it was dead on magnetic south.

Compared to previous observations of satelites, these objects moved at a rate slightly faster, covering about half the night sky in about 45 seconds. When I looked at them through binoculars, there was no distinction, just points of light, exactly light an orbiting satelite so they were at extreme altitude.

The thing that struck me was that there were three of them and the way that they moved in such rigid formation.

About me: I hold a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering and an M.B.A. I have worked as an engineer and manager in the aerospace and medical device field.

((NUFORC Note: We have communicated with this witness, and believe that the sighting may have been the result of the three suspected U. S. Navy "NOSS" satellites. PD))