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Occurred : 6/24/2002 00:10 (Entered as : 6/24/02 24:10)
Reported: 6/25/2002 8:23:35 PM 20:23
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Deerfield Beach, FL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20 minutes
White spherical light moves in circular path, then irregular path, then turns itself off and on & off like a lightbulb& zips away!

I was going to my parked car when I happened to look up and noticed a
sphere of light moving above the clouds in what at first looked like a circular pattern. I was looking at the object at first trying to determine what it actually is. As I kept watching it, I was taken aback that I couldn't figure out what it was. At this point I glanced at the clock on my cell phone and it read 12:10 am. What struck me as irregular is that the object illuminated the clouds below it as you would expect a flood light to do. But, a floodlight does this from the ground up. This was occurring from above the clouds down to the ground. As I followed the path of the moving object, I noticed that there was no floodlight from the ground up that could be illuminating the clouds in what at first was a circular motion. I watched the object move repeatedly in a circular pattern for about five minutes. I was mesmerized that this object was not a plane, nor a helicopter, nor a weather balloon, or any object that I've ever seen in my experience. As I continued to look at this sphere move in a circular motion, it changed its path and now began to move in zigzag irregular path. I had to keep my eyes carefully on the object because it was moving in and out from the cloud cover about 10,000-15000 feet up in the air where one would expect to see a commercial airliner. It then proceeded in its irregular pattern for another 10 minutes. In this time frame, there was an opening where there was no cloud cover and the object would move into this area of the sky and then back into an area where there were clouds. You could see the object through the clouds as it illuminated the area around itself above and below the clouds.

The object then changed its flight speed and slowed down considerably and then would speed up or accelerate and again slow down. The entire time it was doing this, it appeared as a white sphere bigger than the moon illuminating the area around itself with a tremendous amount of white light. It continued to move erratically in and out and now changing its altitude and appearing to move closer to the ground at about the height one sees an airliner on a flight path to land at an airport. It then stopped in the air for about thirty seconds, the sphere light went out(this in an open space with no clouds around it)and then the sphere lit up with pure bright white light like a flash bulb but the light stayed on for about 15 seconds. Just before it moved away at a fantastic acceleration, the bright light that illuminated the sphere goes out but I could still see the dark shape of the outline of a sphere exactly in the same place and standing still in the sky. After about 5 seconds, it zipped up and moved away in a southerly direction at an acceleration that to me does not seem possible. It just took off and in a second, you could not see it any more. I glanced at my cell phone clock and it was 12:30 am.

I am trained in the sciences and in mathematics. What this object did when it left is something which you would see maybe in special effects in a science fiction movie but not something that at this time our technology is capable of doing. I have never seen anything like this nor ever seen anything move like this. The entire time I was seeing this my mind was incredulous at what I could be seeing. I'm still perplexed.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke at length with this witness and found him to be quite credible. PD))