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Occurred : 6/25/2002 21:30 (Entered as : 06/25/02 21.30)
Reported: 6/25/2002 8:09:56 PM 20:09
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Mississauga (Canada), ON
Shape: Light
Bright lights turning on and off, planes going above them.

Down by the lake with my wife. Extremely bright amber light appeared 10 degrees above horizon, turned on and off rapidly, then stayed on, another light turned on (to the right from ny view point), the light seemed to twist or turn, hard to explain, sort of twisting and flickering (bad description)it turned off immediately, as it disappeared it immediately reappeared just to the left of the first light, it remained there for about twenty seconds, there was a flash and it turned off only to reappear just to the right of its original position. Then all flashed off, we watched for about another five or ten minutes, the main light then popped back on, as soon as it had there were three other lights immediately popped on and then off. These lights were in a triangle formation around the main light as they came on. On a count of about 10 or twelve all four turned off at once. About fifteen or twenty seconds after they all turned off, there was a white and green flash to the right of where the main light was, even though this was quick it had a shape to it. At the present over an hour after the first light popped on, the process is still repeating itself in a seemingly random manner. Our view point when we saw these lights was such that the city of Toronto was on the left of them. I would put them 5~6 miles off the coast and at a height of about 2500 - 3500 feet. The CN tower is a perfect reference for us as it is about 1800 feet high and they were just above its height. The visibility is over 15 miles as we could see the city and also the planes landing at the Island airport. These are not planes, nor are they flares. When we got home we told the kids, they immediately went to look, and I am amazed that the lights are still there. The kids are looking at them at the present through a telescope and binoculars 8x35. They are telling me that planes are passing to the left and to the right, but the lights when they turn on are still in their same location. They seem to turn off for about five or so minutes and th! en pop b ack on. These are not stars or planets nor are they choppers. Through the bino's a vague shape is discernible, I think lozenge shaped best descibes it. Our view from our apartment is facing the same direction, but 15 stories higher. Please excuse broken nature of report. The kids just told me that as I wrote this the lights have not been seen for about five minutes. Very odd.