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Occurred : 6/18/2002 21:25 (Entered as : 06/18/2002 21:25)
Reported: 6/23/2002 9:07:15 PM 21:07
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Gilford, NH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:15 minutes
Individual spherical yellow "Orbs", Linked movemnet of "Orbs", "Orbs" emitting other "Orbs"

It is with great excitement and aw that I will attempt to the best of my recollection to re-cap the events that took place and were witnessed by my wife and I on Tuesday, June 18, 2002, from approximately 9:25-9:40 pm. Location: Gilford, NH, west-shoreline of Lake Winnipesaukee.

We were viewing the last beautiful moments of light looking across the lake when my wife exclaimed, “Look at that!” Looking to where she was pointing a glowing yellow light was visible. It appeared somewhat stationary, though slight movement to the right and to the left was occurring. The underside of the cloud that the light was in front of appeared illuminated within close proximity to the emitting source. It lasted for about 2-3 seconds and then disappeared. I kept waiting for it to emerge from the cloud but to no avail it did not. It was about the size of golf ball, relative to a softball sized Moon.

We next witnessed the "Orb", for lack of a better word, in front of the next cloud over to the right, which was fairly close to the first yet separated by a light bluish, slight turquoise hewed darkening sky. I never saw a shape depart the first cloud to get in front of the second. The sight was more or less the same, a glowing yellowish Orb that lasted for about 2-3 seconds. We witnessed this again slightly to the left of the first sighting. It was then that the first of several "Linked Orb Movements" appeared. The light was ON and then OFF and when it came back on it had moved approximately 10 times the width of the object to another position. In a skipping fashion we watched the Orb turn OFF&ON each time moving a segment of length across the sky. We now refer to this type of sighting as a "Link", representing the skipping movement that appeared to be in a set of connected links.

We most definitely now felt that we were being treated to a spectacular visual occurrence. From the nearby Laconia airport we heard an airplane approaching. It was "healthy" to hear this plane because we then knew that what we were witnessing was indeed noiseless and NOT A PLANE. The propeller driven small plane, clearly visible in the sky was climbing, having just taken off. Upon approaching the spot of the second Orb sighting in front of the cloud, another "Orb" illumination flashed just below and to the left of the small plane. This Orb was slightly larger than the others and appeared to be almost doubled, as if two of these Orbs were present with one being slightly behind the other. The lake area was absolutely noiseless with the exception of the sound of the propeller from the plane. We were both startled that there was not a collision. It was very close.

Afterwards we saw one of the Orbs in a stationary position and then it simultaneously emitted in perfect-arced unison, four distinct other Orbs. At no point was there a trail of smoke or cloud associated with any of these sightings. The intensity of the light was constant and the arc formed one quarter of a circle. There was not a trail of light from any other place other than from the Orbs. Once again all was noiseless. All of the Orbs had the same yellowish hue. We witnessed two more of these types of occurrences as well as two or three more of the skipping"Links", one of which made seven distinct links across the sky, and appeared to be moving towards the South West, across the lake.

Lastly we saw to our left (looking westward) two single sightings as well as the last of the emitting type, of which two Orbs were emitted, once again simultaneously.

With that the event was over. At about this time a boat was traveling up the lake and once again it was "healthy"; to here a sound. It was loud, certainly identifiable and indeed affirmed that WHAT WE WITNISSED TRULY MADE NO SOUND. We remained at the lake for another 15-20 minutes with the hopes of seeing something else. We did not.

Sound travels well over the relative flat surface of the lake. Given the size of the objects that we saw the biggest mystery to us other than their incredible movement has to be the complete silence that was associated with all visual sightings. These without doubt were not flares, helicopters or jet planes.

I am a licensed private pilot, completing a B.S. in Meteorology and very much believe in the scientific method.

((NUFORC Note: A description of this event can be found on the NUFORC homepage. PD))