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Occurred : 6/7/2002 23:15 (Entered as : 06/07/02 23.15)
Reported: 6/10/2002 12:46:24 PM 12:46
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Shape: Triangle
Duration:aprox 1 hour
Video taped sighting over the ocean in Pourtsmouth New Hampshire

My girlfriend and I where staying in a motel in Portsmouth NH and at 10:30pm we decided to take a ride to the coast and do some sky wathcing. After about 45 minutes of watching airplanes and stars, it was a very clear night, we noticed a light in the sky above and to the south of a car that was at the other end of the parking area. It was very low in the horizon and apeared odd because it was yellowish in color and had no strobe lights. We watched it for about five minutes and it just remained motionless. I got out my video camera and tried to get it to focus on the object and it began registering. After a minute or two of trying to get it to focus the car at the other end of the parking lots lights came on and I video taped a very good point of view of what looked like and at what altitude it was. After about a minute the cars lights went off and the camera couldn't focus on the image so I walked down to the car. The gentelman that owned the car came walking down from the coastal wall and I asked him if he knew what that was thinking that perhaps they to where also star wathching. He did not know what it was and when I told him I had been watching it for over ten minutes he said that seemed very odd and began whathing the object with me. I once agin tried to get the object to focus in my video camera and succeeded in zooming to around 45x and taping the object for over five minutes. In this time it became very bright, changing colors from a yellowish white to red and shades of green and at one point seems to apear as two lights. It then faded so low that I could no longer tape it so I began looking for it. It now was blinking with small soft white and red lights and almost looked like an airplane. The gentelman that was watching it with me had gone to take pictures and came running back and asked if I noticed that it was now blinking and moving. He also said " what a good way to desguise your self". the object then slowly moved towards the shore slowly and then stoped moving and blinking and got very ! bright a gain. I again tried to zoom in on it and got the camera to focus and then hit record. As I whatced it through my viewfinder I now saw two lights and it seemed to be moving away from me, south, now. I then noticed a third light and the object now took the shape of a triangle and seemed to be banking. It then faded out agin. I looked at it and it began blinking again and had changed it's direction and was now traveling north and slowly kept droping, like it was making a stair patern, untill it got so low you could no longer see it. I went back to my car and watched the tape. When I came to the point that I had recorded all three lights on the object something must have malfuntioned on my camera and nothing had recorded from that point. I was pretty bumend out because this was the best part of the video and as we sat wondering what went wrong the object appeard again in the same spot it origonally started at, altough it was now lower int the horizon. I began taping as it slowly moved away from us twoards the south and the ocean. I have video of it once again just hovering in the horizon. It got very dim and then slowly moved strait down twoards the horizon and disapeard. After about thirty seconds it lit up again, still on the horizon, and then began to rise. It once agin hoverd. Then a second and third object apeard. They all hoverd for a moment and twinkled brightly changing color from yellowish-white to red and then all slowly lowered down and disapeared when they hit the horizon again. After trying to get my camera to focus on the light show for a few minutes with little sucess other then a few frames that show the lights hovering in the horizon we decided to drive down the coast to see if we could get a better look. we traveled a couple miles down the coast and could no longer see the objects so we turned around and traveled back. We came to another parking area and pulled in and there was now one single light hovering in the same spot. It once agin droped to the horizon and disapeared and then reapear! ed and r ose once agin untill finally dispearing at around 12:30. We waited a few minutes and finially went back to the room. I will submit portions of the video along with stills to this sight.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness over the telephone, and he identified himself as a UFO investigator and an "experiencer," as well as an author in those fields. NUFORC explored the possibility that he might have been witnessing celestial bodies, possibly "twinkling" stars, but he assured us that that was not the case. He offered to send us a video tape copy, but it has not yet arrived for our review as of this date. We will add a note here after we have had a chance to review the tape footage. PD))