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Occurred : 6/1/2001 12:30 (Entered as : 06/01/01 12:30)
Reported: 6/5/2002 10:53:40 AM 10:53
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Sandoval, IL
Shape: Changing
There were two lights, they came at 12:30 and Ithink they abducted me, but I have no Memory from 1:00-6:00am.

At Exactly 12:30 a strange light filled my back yard. I live in the country and there are no street lights, so, naturally, I went to check it out. I remember that our two Labrador retrievers, who are trained as guard dogs, were quiet. I went outside and was instantly overcome with an icy cold feeling of death. I could smell the horror around me. I looked up and saw two pulsating lights flying around about two miles out across the field. They came closer and closer until I could see that one was a long cigar shape and the other was an upright cylinder, but as soon as I saw the shapes, they both changed to flate plate-like forms. Two other aircraft came into view, and they looked like F16 Fighter planes. They flew around the objects for a few seconds and then flew off. Some of my friends that I told said that they remember hearing jet engines on the night of the occurrence.I have studied planes extensively and hope to be a pilot some day, so I could easily recognize them. I have no memory of what happened from that time until approximately 6:00 the next morning when I woke up lying on my face on our back steps.