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Occurred : 4/28/2002 22:40 (Entered as : 4/28/02 22:40)
Reported: 4/28/2002 11:38:50 PM 23:38
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Tacoma, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:6 seconds
At 22:40 pm three lights making a distinctive triangle in the sky was observe passing overhead at a high rate of speed silently.

At 22:40 Pm I was outside on my second floor deck brushing my teeth. I was taking in the planet Jupitor or Saturn trying to see how many planets I could see. I get the two mixed up of which is brighter. Suddenly three light came out of nowewhere while I was looking to the West.

The three lights were moving at a high rate of speed in a West to East direction. The lights made up a triangular formation. My hous is a large house and my visual range is very good from my second and third floor decks. I saw the lights probably 1-2 miles away. The lights which were in a very distictive triangle mad no sound and was traveling at least 400 mph. I know this because I can see the jets entering for final for North bound land trafic from my house.

As the lights passed over I noticed very distinctive crosses for each light. Each ligh looked like it was one of the sun flare crosses if you took a picture fith a cross hair lense on a camera. The lights seemed to apear a bluish color with a golden yellow center where the lines crossed. Each light was an individual cross and sepereated equally in a very clear triangular form if one was to conect the lights together.

As the lights passed over there was no sound, you could not see a ship of any type, though the space between the lights did not look like normal night sky. The altitude appeared to be about 6000 feet to 4000 feet. I watched the lights travel to the East for aproxamatly 6 seconds looking for some kind of tail section or visual rear of a craft. The lights just simply disapeared. The craft simply vanished as if it were extremly thin or moved so quickly I could not see it any more. Incredible speed in comparison of a jet.

Within 10 seconds I visually was watching come into view in the area a large size jet bound for Seatac Airport on final. The lights of the jet were moving much slower than the craft which I was watching. Knowing Seatac landing patterns and altitudes for this kind of jet aircraft what I was watching was not a regualr aircraft.

I understand night flying, I have been a pilot for 18 years and flying since I was 7.I am 41 now. I have loged over 450 hours of day and night flying. I have never ever seen any thing like this before. I am a science teacher here in Tacoma and I teach about planets and the night sky. I understand and know what is normal. This was not normal.

The weather tonight was totally clear, with a temperature around 50 degrees and no visual fog or moisture in the air. On a clear day I can see Mt Rainier, and the cascade range. The craft would have been over the cascades in seconds at the rate it was moving. I consistantly watch aircraft traveling and turning into SeaTac for landings. This craft should have been visible to the aircraft that was heading north and a second aircraft which apeared shortly after the first. The three light should have been in Radar space of both McHord Airforce base and SeaTacs Air space and should have been picked up on radar. The craft clearly was cuting accross in front of the large jet heading Northeast.

I wrote all that I could quickly as possible to atleast have some written record.