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Occurred : 9/15/1975 21:30 (Entered as : 09/15/75 21:30)
Reported: 3/8/2002 3:17:52 AM 03:17
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Pennsville, NJ
Shape: Disk
Duration:5 min.
Red, saucer shaped aerial phenomenon of unconventional configuration with no audible propulsion.

Occurred on Lighthouse Road near Fort Mott State Park. Object was red, with no visible lighting or running lights, discernable "deck" lights, or other indications of being a multi-leveled "craft." Its shape was that of two plates, one atop the other; wide in the center and tapering to ends; which appeared to be a consistant trait in its construction (angle/position to/of object did not change appearence). At first it approached low (-300') and silently from SW (?-directions aren't my thing!). While manuevering, there was no apparent change in the objects relationship to the observer (it was as though It was "facing" us even as it changed direction... perhaps- likely, the effect of no identifiable markings from which to ascertain its true orientation. Though there were no "visible" indications of an aura or haze that I readily remember- it seemed pretty clear too Me!... I reckon' one may have existed: that would explain the lack of definition and inability to denote any change in orientation during course changes/manuevers.

We were at the bend of Lighthouse Road near Fort Mott Road, facing field (lighthouse to left)away from developement. It was coming (slight angle to right- 1 or 2 degrees relative, travelling left and closing, toward Zero relative) directly towards us and those with me were quite concerned. I at the time was 14 and quite curious, and got out of the car (a VW) to "see it!". I was pulled into the car and in the excitement (panic) to get away, my cousin nearly ran off the road and into a ditch. I observed the object as it gradually turned 180 degrees from us (to the right and away from our original observation point) and headed to the actual park area (app. relative bearing from original ob. point: 045). It then proceeded (North?) from park area and while over the dike began to accelerate (acceleration was smooth and rapid- in a "up-river" direction towards Wilmington, DE... North?). Then it was gone! Not a streak as seen in (say) a rapidly moving light... just a clean, crisp light which increased in speed and disappeared. Note: The object did not diminish in mass or change shape indicating a turning/arching motion, nor did it fade or in any respect give the impression of a light being turned off! Never did I hear noise, nor did it behave in a manner consistant with any aircraft of my knowledge, before or after the event. Other than to say it appeared considerably close, I can only speculate on its size, distance, and altitude [2 inches- 1/2 the spread of one's fingers if taking bow readings on a ship (Ex: four points off the Starboard bow), at a distance of approximately 1000 yds., and altitude of app. 200 feet. Closest approximate distance was 150 yds. I would estimate the object itself to have been the length of a medium-sized house: 40 feet? ]... this account is from memory, and except for it being "somehow strange and out of place," I didn't think to correlate the incident with known landmarks for size, altitude, or distance. Quite honestly, I was 14 and fearless... more interested in determining what! it was than how big, high, or where, it was! The conditions of incident: Clear evening. Stars bright. Farmland, swamp, and open ground, which I was relatively familiar with, and no unusual activity of any kind. (Note: Aircraft activity was light, visible, and easily recognizable as aircraft, though distant; Delaware side of Delaware River- refinery and Wilmington area, with some air traffic in the vicinity of the Nuclear Power Plant).

Events prior to incident/event: My sister and two friends had come home obviously distressed- literally crying because they saw a UFO. My cousin and I, for laughs and kicks decided to go back with them so they could "show us"... they were after a lapse of app. a 1/2 hour, still distressed. Niether of us were expecting anything- we thought they were stoned to be quite honest! Anyhow, what occured is pretty much that as stated herein, and to, the best of my memory.

Since then I've been in the Navy, at Sea, and have seen various types of Aircraft under varying conditions. None of which would fit into the category of unidentifiable or unexplainable! I was a FT (Fire Control Technician-Missiles). I am somewhat imaginative and creative, but not predisposed to irrational thought or fantasy; however, to this day I cannot explain what that object was! It continues to defy any attempt at my rationalizing what it may have been! It truely was uncharacteristic of any aircraft or aerial phenomenon of which I am familiar. A friend that lived in that area said she too saw wierd things, but I mention that in passing! Interesting Note: None of the other four People involved- my sister and cousin specifically, will discuss this incident/event; which really aggrevated me for some time! They acknowledge its occurence, but will not discuss it... which is behavior I find rather strange in and of itself! NUFORC: As stated, this account is from memory and occured some 27 years ago! This is the first I've bothered to report it since it was so long ago and without willing witnesses or supportive evidence seemingly a waste of time. But, why not? It's an incident that too this day, baffles me! I will answer any questions (via E-mail) you may care to ask; though certainly being this far removed from the present, it is of no consequence.


((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))