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Occurred : 9/14/2001 22:00 (Entered as : 09/14/01 22:00)
Reported: 1/6/2002 4:59:11 PM 16:59
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Baie-Comeau (85 km N of) (Canada), PQ
Shape: Light
Duration:20 min.
The object, studied through binoculars from about 75 m, was unlike anything that I've ever seen, heard or read about.

I'm a 48 yr old male with a BS in marine biology from the Univ. of Miami. I've studied botany, zoology, geology, meteorology, astronomy, chemistry and physics, i. e. I have a solid background in the natural sciences. I currently work as a fisheries observer collecting scientific data for the state of Alaska and the federal (US) government.

I have never before seen or reported a UFO.

On the night of 9/14/01, while doing a tour of Canada by car, I decided to camp just N of km 85 on the Trans Labrador Hwy (provincial road 389)in the province of Quebec. The nearest town was Baie-Comeau at the beginning of the highway and my campsite was miles from any human habitation in the Laurentian Mountains. I was utterly alone in the Canadian bush and I don't recall one vehicle passing on the road after about 20:00 hours. My campsite was off a small dirt driveway leading to some high tension power lines about 300 meters to the east (the driveway was blocked about 10 meters west of my campsite) and about 50 meters off the main paved highway. I was invisible from the road. Directly across the main road was another dirt driveway, very overgrown and rarely used. I walked about one km down this road the next morning looking for signs of human use but saw only one set of very old tire tracks. Clearly no one lived nearby. About 100 meters to the south of my campsite was an intersection with a paved road leading to a hydroelectric project. The road was a T junction and traveled west away from my location. I drove for a mile the next morning on this road and saw no one or any sign of human habitation. The weather was cold with a hard frost occurring on the morning of the 15th. There was not a cloud in the sky nor a breath of wind. There was complete silence without even the rustle of leaves. After setting up my tent around 20:00, I sat in my car reading under the dome light until right around 22:00 hours. I looked at my watch and decided it was time to turn in. I often admire the skies at night and stood outside doing just that for a few minutes before retiring. A brighter than average yellow "star" just above the horizon (there was a low ridge to the east of me)caught my eye but my first thought was that it was probably Venus. As I watched it, I thought I could see the vague shimmer of green and red lights, obviously a plane in the distance or so I thought. That didn't explain the yellow light but I didn! 't think of that until later. The odd thing about it was that it wasn't moving. Planes always move somewhere. This really aroused my curiousity and I grabbed my Minolta 7 x 50 binoculars to get a better look. The object was bright yellow with a pulsating green light on one side and red on the other but completely stationary. As reference points were three pine trees which I thought were near the top of the ridge to the west; since these were in my field of vision with the object I could gauge any movement. The next day I discovered that one of the trees was actually on the roadside about 75 meters from me; the other two were near the top of the ridge. As I studied this thing it began to move very slowly and I then observed a white beam of light (it had almost a bluish tint to it) aimed toward the ground appearing much like a searchlight from a helicopter. I could not see any evidence that it reached the ground. As it moved it moved behind the nearest tree and I expected it to disappear but then it passed in front of this tree which I'd estimated to be about 300 meters away, much closer than I'd imagined. The next morning I discovered that this tree was only about 75 meters from me. I continued to watch it through my binoculars and observed a pair of beams of light shine out from the main orb. Again, they did not appear to reach the ground that I could see and emanated about one diameter from the object before dispersing. The object itself appeared to be between 30 and 45cm (12 to 18 inches) in diameter. When the beams disappeared, a blue light remained in the center of the red and green lights with about an equal intensity. Next the lights quickly faded to a red point of light not more than a couple of inches (5cm) in diameter much like the light of a laser pointer and it began to move like in a laser light show in an erratic fashion like an insect around a night light. The odd thing was that it never moved outside of the silhoette of the tall and narrow pine. After one or two minutes of this unusual behavior, the red l ight changed back to the larger yellow (no other colors reappeared) which slowly moved down and to the north. It slowly disappeared, obscured by the undergrowth, to the roadbed. I only realized the next morning that it was on the road although even when I thought it was 300 meters away, the hair on the back of my neck was standing and I thought of abandoning my tent and coming back in the morning. I doubt if I'd have had the courage to get a closer look. The next morning I thoroughly checked out the entire area looking for any evidence of anything unusual. If one were to do this for Hollywood, how would it be done? The hovering lights could be done by a remote controlled device, possibly an electric motor, but not a sound was heard all night. Nothing and it was dead calm. As for the laser light, there was only one point because of the undergrowth and the height of the sighting where it would have been possible (it was not possible from the road) and that was about 10 meters from my tent surrounded by undergrowth making it impossible to move in complete silence. Also there was no signs of disturbed ground debris or soil, no footprints, no evidence whatsoever. No vehicles passed until early the next morning and I heard no sounds whatsoever so I have to conclude that due to the remoteness of the site and the results of my investigation that the chance of this being an elaborate prank is extremely slim although not impossible. Why would someone go through the trouble? I really don't think so but if it wasn't a prank, what the hell was this thing that I studied for 20 minutes with binoculars? I know of nothing in the natural world that would fit the discription of this thing and have no answers.