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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/12/1997 16:30 (Entered as : 11/12/97 16:30)
Reported: 1/5/2002 1:43:21 AM 01:43
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Divide, CO
Shape: Light
Duration:Half hour
The object was the size of a basket ball. Cotten white in color. Came very very close.

I believe I might be able to account for this story, but feel I should tell it so that others might have a comparison if they encounter the same event and yes it is very odd to witness this phenomena. This event took place on Rampart lake located just outside of Divide Colorado. I was accompanied by my brother and a cousin . The event took place as the sun was setting but being down between two mountains you can’t see the sunset but you can notice the light of day fading.As, it grew darker and cooler the lake was cooling fast and thus causing a very thick layer of fog to form across the full breast of the lake. We all were standing at the lake edge chatting and waiting for our wives to arrive and pick us up after a day of fishing. I noticed a subtle white ball of light over the water and out in front of us. It appeared to be about 60 yards or so away from us. The funny thing was that the fog was really getting thick and visibility over the lake was only about 4 feet or so. But yet this light could be seen moving in an arc. The ball of light would move about in a 90 degree arc or so. At first we thought it was a light from a boat however, this was not the case. The object then moved directly at us doing about 5 miles an hour or so. It got so close at this point,I would say no more then 12 feet or so. The light was about the size of a basketball. At this point we all was getting a little concerned about our visitor. Now, this event so far has been going on for about 15 minutes or so and we have been discussing and detailing the event the whole time. As we all was very curious but trying to remain calm and for me this was a chance to really take in and understand the event. Now, this object was about 7 or so feet away at this time and hovering above the water at about 12 feet up and 7 feet or so out. Now at 7 feet, this was a little to close. So with this being the case, I could clearly sum up that the object was indeed no boat. So I picked up a rock through it right at the object.I did this several t! imes and came very close if not hitting the light. This action had no effect on the ball of light.

But not long after throwing the rocks at it and by the way keeping my cousin from shooting it with his pistol. I knew he had it the whole time. I was sure it was not man made but I didn’t want to make a bad mistake.

The ball light object next slowly withdrew in the same arc as it arrived and that was that.

What do I now believe it was? Not ball lighting that I am sure of. We came back to the lake the next day And I took a stock of the lake and noticed an aspect of the layout of the lake and roads coming into the lake. I noticed that there was a road on the other side of the lake. It was about a half mile or so directly in front of the lake and had about 45 degree turn and was about 30 yards from the lakes edge. Now, grant it that is really some distance away from where we had been standing. But I now believe that even though the fog was thick and we could not see far at all, a car turning that corner with the brights on could shine into the dense fog, it’s at this point that the phenomena occurs. The fog was able to condense the light beams and merge them together at just about right in front of us and above the lake at about the same height as the road is above the lake some half mile or so in front us. Now, I know this does not account for the period of time in which we saw this event about, 20 minutes in all. I can say that maybe the car parked on that corner and then backed away accounting for the arc exit of the light. Or, the car had passed but the condensed fog was able to absorb the light. Which, then continued to break the light apart over and over. Next,it was then picked back up and then amplified just like the intensifier tube would do for a night vision scope.