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Occurred : 12/29/2001 16:20 (Entered as : 12/29/01 16:20)
Reported: 1/2/2002 2:24:54 AM 02:24
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Port Angeles, WA
Shape: Changing
Duration:5 minutes
Large, black object(s) seen in the clouds above Port Angeles

My husband was outside watching the sky as he often does, waiting for me to get ready so we could go to the movies. He observed a huge black object above him, seemingly cloaked in the clouds. It was a calm day, with a partial cloud cover, no wind at all. He watched the object(s) for a minute then ran in to yell for me to "come now PLEASE!" I ran outside and he related to me what he had seen, since the object was no longer there. He described it as a huge black "wall", but it almost seemed to be changing shapes within the cloud. He said it was at least 2 football fields in length from his perspective. I continued to watch the sky with him and about 1 minute later, we both observed a solid, black disc shaped object fall like a leaf from the clouds, about 1/2 mile from where the object originally was seen by my husband. It seemed to be heading N/NW This was seen above the treeline, so we didn't see where it went, just that it fell. Then directly above that, in the clouds again, I saw what appeared to be two large black objects "dancing" in the clouds. I immediately said "oh, look honey, they're hang-gliders!" But they were seemingly quite large, in fact it could have been one object, as the clouds were obscuring parts of whatever I was seeing. They or it continued moving for about 10 seconds, then completely disappeared into the cloud cover. This is the first time my husband or I has witnessed anything remotely unexplainable in the sky. We are at a complete loss as to how to explain it.

We've thought of kites, hang-gliders, balloons, airplanes, blimps, stealth bombers, none of it seems to fit. There were no visible lights on the object(s), it was just big and black. It made no noise whatsoever, and there was no wind at all. It was afternoon, with about 1 hour left of good daylight.

I am a professional, working in the health care field here in town. My husband is a stay at home dad, caring for our 2 year old son. We have been going nuts trying to figure this out. We haven't seen any other reports of a sighting on that day.