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Occurred : 12/1/2001 20:30 (Entered as : 11/28/01 8:30 pm)
Reported: 12/28/2001 10:27:52 AM 10:27
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: East Barnard (county farm road), TX
Shape: Other
Duration:ten minutes
A huge display of lights more in the form of a disc, but too large and obsured to make that determination.

My husband and I were driving on a county farm road in the Southeast Texas countryside between East Bernard and Wallis, Texas around 8:30 pm on a very cloudy night. An approaching cold front was drawing clouds from the south and the cloud cover was fairly dense and moving rapidly.

I looked to the east which was in he direction of Rosenberg, Texas and could see the lights of that small town displayed against the flat horizon. Above the lit horizon was a very brigt cloud nestled among many others of a normal grey appearance. When the cloud drifted to the north there was a huge display of lights about 35 degrees above the horizon just behind or maybe inside the low clouds. The lights appeared to be like those seen from a distance at a football field, but they were lined up right beside each other and there were at least five rows of them. Each sat next to the other and above and below the rest. There seemed to be very little space between them in any direction I counted five rows, but the clouds around the light display seemed to be obsurng more rows because the brightness kept showing through even when I could see five rows distinctly. I don't believe the set of lights moved, but that the cloud movement kept covering the display and at one point I could count nine lights in the longest (and center) row. At arm's length the object was almost three inches in width and about a inch in height. The lights appeared to descend in number from the middle to the top and in the same manner from the middle to the bottom. Occasionally, a cloud would totally encase the lights, but the cloud would then be luminescent.

We watched the formation for about ten minutes before turning on to another road. Trees close to us loomed over the part of sky we were watching. By the time we could see that horizon again we had driven fairly far from Rosenberg and there was nothing but normal cloudcover.


Mr. Davenport,

Actually, you're correct in that the sighting took place on December 1st. I checked my original report posted to a message board that very night. My memory can be faulty so I wrote it down as soon as I got home.

As far as the timing goes it was definitly 8:30 pm CST so if you are taking about Midwestern time for the reentry the two don't really match up. However, if you are talking Pacific time that would be just right. (Well, I just read a lot of the reports at NUFORC and realize the timing isn't right for when we saw what we saw.)

There were no tails or auras and the lights didn't seem to move at all, but with the clouds moving so rapidly I might have become confused. The lights were side by side and extremely bright with perhaps six lights in a row just above the row of nine and perhaps another five or six below that row. There were even fewer visible in the top and bottom rows and I'm referring to the best view I had with clouds passing. The lights never varied in size, they were all of equal size, so whatever the object might have been I doubt it was moving. I neglected to make the report to you at the time because what I saw didn't look like any know UFO shape other than a disc literally made entirely of white lights. Really strange and as I said, they seemed to remain stationery for ten minutes or so. I've also been waiting to read reports of something similar before reporting

I also forgot to mention that we made the same trip on the night of December 23rd and saw Rosenberg's lights on the horizon on a clear night, but there were no lights in the sky other than stars. It might be a good idea if I called Rosenberg's police department to see if there were any other reports or if there is some explanation I haven't thought of. It's a small town with no reason for a large tower extending into the clouds, but I think it's worth a phone call or two even if I have to listen to a chuckle or two. If there were similar reports I'll let you know.

Thanks for letting me know others have made more than one report to you. If and when you might find the time I'd appreciate knowing what sort of sound you heard a UFO make. I was sitting in a quiet house alone several weeks ago and heard a very strange, loud sound outside, a buzzing of something electrical, but it seemed to be "skipping out." It sounded to me as though it were passing overhead, but I can't be sure of that. The sound progressed and then seemed to pass away. I'm sure there are any number of reasons for such a sound, but I've never heard that before.