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Occurred : 12/20/2001 08:36 (Entered as : 12/20/01 08:36)
Reported: 12/20/2001 5:52:46 AM 05:52
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Toledo, OH
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:2 minutes
cylider shaped object over Toledo OH

Observed object traveling on almost a due west to east course, almost directly overhead. Object appeared to be at height of 30-40,000 feet at a speed comparable to an airliner. Object traveled on straight course, no vapor trail. Object sixe about 1/3 of airliner, bright white, no wings, tail or other details appeared. When almost directly overhead, a commercial airline passed on a east to west course about 3-5 miles to south, appeared to be a simlar altitude.

Was definitely not meteor or satelite sighting, brightness did not fade in or out. As amateur astronomer, I ahve seen all these.

Sky was clear, no clouds, bright