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Occurred : 12/1/2001 21:30 (Entered as : 11/25-30 Unknown)
Reported: 12/19/2001 12:58:29 AM 00:58
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Rolla (Missouri Ozarks), MO
Shape: Fireball
((NUFORC Note: We wonder whether the witness may have been observing what was reported as re-entering space debris. It was reported from TX, NM, OK, KS, MO, and from other midwestern states, as well. If so, the date of the event was Saturday, 01DE01. We have amended the date above. PD))

Two Fiery UFO's Seen from Hellicopter at near the same height.

This is second person, so bare with me. I didn't witness the crafts myself, I'm just repeating my uncles story.

My uncle flies med-vac choppers from Columbia, MO to Springfield, MO and Kansas City, MO. Two - three weeks (exact date unknown to me- between 11/25-30/01) ago he witnessed two Unidentified Flying Objects en route between Springfield and Columbia. He said it was pretty close to Fort Smith(?) off of I44 between Rolla and Springfield. My uncle described these UFO's as practically undescribable or unviewable rather, other than that there was a fiery aura around the actual ships, or flames (redish orange with a blue mixture as well) unlike any fire that is common on earth and that he'd seen for that matter, blanketing the crafts outward appearance. The ship itself wasn't even distinguishable. He said he was travelling at about 2500ft and they appeared infront of him, like a cars headlights, at a height of nearly or exactly 3000ft, and at around 700 - 800 mph passed directly in front of him, flying exactly parallel to the earths surface, one slightly behind and caddy corner to the other. He witnessed them go out of sight, as they had come into his view. He even said they flew directly inbetween his chopper and a cesna flying not to far off beside of him (distance unknown to me), and when he made the call on his transmitter he was told that they were not seen on their radar, yet the cesna and him were obviously there. He also said that they were not small either. Very large. He didn't go into exact detail on the size of the crafts. I don't know where he was speaking to exactly, but he said that he spoke directly to an Air Force (representative) also and was told by him that it was 'Space Debris'. There is no way that this was space debris given it's path of travel. If space debris it would have been heading towards the earth! He said that the Air Force representative was adamant, and he realized that immediatly and complied. The local Ozark media also ran the story telling of many eye witness accounts of the UFOs, but followed with the Air Forces guise agreeing that it was 'Space Debris'.

Unfortunatly this is all I gathered from him. There was a nurse with him who shared the experience as well.

(personal note to previewer - omit from description) ((NUFORC Note: So omitted. Pertains to administrative points related to the report; contains no information pertinent to the event. PD))