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Occurred : 12/9/2001 00:28 (Entered as : 12/09/01 00:28)
Reported: 12/9/2001 2:07:21 PM 14:07
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Lombard, IL
Shape: Chevron
Duration:3 minutes
Huge Black Transparent Silent Chevron

At 00:28 a black chevron was seen west of Lombard, traveling south in a plane-less sky.

At 00:20 I looked outside and was surprised to see a clear & star filled sky, as generally the planes keep spraying something which creates perpetually cloudy sky over Chicago. I got out my Russian panoramic viewer, the best night vision available in my opinion, and started scanning the sky. No air planes could be seen or heard, which is unusual because I live under the landing path to ORD. I looked to the West at about 45 degrees above the horizon and almost missed a solid black chevron slowly moving silently across the midnight sky. Absolutely no light was emitted from the craft which was itself darker than the sky behind it. As this wide, chevron shaped wing passed in front of the star studded sky - the stars did not fade behind the wing but appeared to keep shining through an invisible structure. I assume the ship was able to bend the light around it adding to its stealth. The event lasted about 3 minutes and this object moved slowly due south - aprox. over Wheaton, possibly even farther west. No idea how far away or how high it actually was but it did not reflect the laser light that I directed at it. This ship was HUGE (my guess is one mile across) and I feel it is part of a larger geometric structure whereby 6 craft would create an immense, six sided ring with another - solid craft in the center. The wing was the same width from one end the other and each end was straight - like a straight cut on a piece of lumber with two 90 deg. Corners. (I could fax a drawing) This craft had a pointed leading edge and the chevron had about a 120 angle with the wings sweeping toward the rear. No curves could be seen, only sharply defined edges. There were no vapor trails. I could not determine the thickness of this craft, but by its darkness and how I almost missed it with my high power nightvision - nobody would "EVER" see it using binoculars. Video would never have revealed this object in the night sky either. It was not an airplane.