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Sighting Report
Occurred : 11/27/2001 03:00 (Entered as : 11/27/01 03:00)
Reported: 11/27/2001 9:52:04 AM 09:52
Posted: 12/5/2001
Location: Farmington (?), ME
Shape: Oval
Duration:1.5 HOURS
Three oval craft seen in mid-Maine emiting pulsing white light.

Saw three bright flashing white lights clustered together in the distance over wooded area. Assumed at first to be aircraft. Were temporarily blocked by view by trees. (We were driving on the interstate.)

After a bit, two came into view on the horizon. They looked to be the approximate height of one of those poles that have red warning lights for planes. The light was a blinding white and was pulsating. We began to wonder if it was some unusual type of aircraft. We saw them to our right as we were heading South, but they then became blocked by view when a hill on our right came between us and the two lights.

I was driving and my good friend was the passenger in the car. She then fell asleep and i continued to watch the sky for any more signs of the light. I could begin to see the pulsing glow from at least one of them from behind the hill we were driving along. I started to get the feeling that it was going to reach the top of the hill and become visible.

No sooner had I thought that than one of the pulsing white lights was right beside our car on the right. It seemed to not have traveled the distance over the hill to get to beside our car. It seemed to have just been in one moment still behind the hill and in the next instantaneously beside our car. I woke my friend up who was on that side of the car. She immediately saw it as it was essentially right over her window. She was able to look up at the underside of it. I was able to lean over and see it through her window.

It was a blinding white light that was incredibly powerful. It was pulsating regularly. My friend describes it as an oval shaped object with a flat bottom and curved sides. Neither of us could see the top. I could not see any material in the middle of the oval, the matter it was composed of seemed to form an oval shape with the center cut out, similar to a donut. Both of us sensed, however, that a middle to this craft may have existed, but was not visible to us.

The pulsing light was definitely coming from the ! perimete r of the craft. When it would flash, the whole craft lit up with a glow while it sent out a pulsing flash that could be seen from a great distance. This particular craft beside our car then was behind us as we traveled down the interstate.

For the next hour or so we could still see at least two of the lighted objects in the distance if we looked back or looked to our right, depending on which direction we were heading. The closest way my friend and I can describe the light the craft emitted is to state that it each time it flashed it looked very similar to the photos seen on the news of air bombing.