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Occurred : 8/12/2001 18:40 (Entered as : 08/12/01 6:40 pm)
Reported: 8/14/2001 16:27
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Shape: Circle
Duration:20 minutes, but same even
Large Circular white crafts in SE sky N. Hollywood - W.Hollywood flying high, possibly in the sky for hours 4:00 to 7:30.

We were waiting in this parking lot when I saw a white to brownish circle shaped craft. I pointed it out to my friend and replied thats the thing I pointed out about two hours ago. He said there were three. He then pointed them out to me. They were in a dimond formation and there were planes flying from west to east toward Burbank air port. The craft were high over head at about a seventy degree angle in the East. They moved about for a while all at diferent altitudes juging by there hue. I had to leave so I didn't see them for more than twenty minutes. They looked big.