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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/15/2001 00:48 (Entered as : 06/15/01 00:48)
Reported: 8/14/2001 03:41
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Longmont (near), CO
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:3-5 min.

06/15/01 SITING This is written from my notes taken on 05/06/01 hours after my siting. On 05/06/01 at approximately 00:30 hours I had left my place of employment in the City of Longmont, County of Boulder, State of Colorado. I was traveling in the left-hand lane of I-25 heading north bound from highway 66. At approximately 00:48 hours I was north of the Mead exit cresting a hill. Upon cresting the hill my attention was drawn to an abnormally bright white colored light in the sky north of my location. At first I thought it was a commercial aircraft far off several thousand feet up in the air. It should be noted that I-25 runs all the way to Wyoming and this section of highway goes threw both Larirmer and Weld County. It is very unusual to see commercial aircraft flying in the air space of these Two County's, but I have seen commercial air traffic from time to time flying in these County's. I continued to watch the light and noticed that it never move to the left (west) or the right (east). I figured that the light was either moving north (away from me) or that it was moving south (towards me). As I proceeded down the hill I observed the light was now back dropped by the next hill. I realized that the light was both closer and lower in the sky than I originally thought. I continued now going up the next hill where this object appeared to be rather close to a bridge. It should be noted that this bridge crosses over I-25 for east and westbound traffic. The bridge is located south of mile marker 246 and part way up the hill. The bridge also has no off or on ramps connecting to I-25. As I approached the Bridge the object appeared to be approximately 200- 300 feet directly above the bridge. I also observed that there was a red colored light to the right of the white colored light approximately 30 feet apart. In-between both lights I observed a very dark mass that appeared to connect the two lights. At this time the object appeared to take on a shape that is similar to that of a cigar. When I got closer to the object I noticed that the object had some depth to it. My view changed to where I could see part of what I would assume to be the underside. The black colored mass appeared to come from the red light heading in a north western direction (away form me) rounding off and headed towards the white colored light. With this new view it took on the shape of a rounded triangle. Just before I proceeded under the bridge I lost my view of the object due to the bridge and the height of my windshield. I continued under the bridge and traveled approximately two tenths of a mile further and pulled over to the right side of the highway. I exited out of the driver’s side of my vehicle and looked where I had last seen the object and it was gone. I did not see any sign of the object around the bridge. I looked to the east and west along the road connected to the bridge and I did not see any traffic. The traffic on I-25 both north and southbound was light/ few vehicles and there were other vehicles present at the time. I looked up to the sky and I saw no signs of the object or any visible signs of any air traffic. I got back into my vehicle and went home where I then wrote down what I had observed. During this time I did not observe any running lights that one would see on aircraft be it rotary or strobe type.