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Occurred : 8/12/2001 20:32 (Entered as : 08/12/01 20:32)
Reported: 8/12/2001 22:44
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: New Ulm, MN
Shape: Light
Duration:20 sec
My son and I were standing out on the deck looking to the northeast at about a 10 o'clock position when we saw a very bright light going real fast across the sky in a north to south path. Just then we saw a passenger jet (more then likely out of the Minneapolis major airport) traveling in a east to west path. WE held our breath because we thought they were going to collide with each other !! They had to have seen each other. Just after that the bright light looked like it shot outward deeper into space because it stopped where it was at, sat there fore a monment and started to get smaller and then it disappeared.