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Occurred : 8/2/2001 07:25 (Entered as : 08/02/01 7:25 am)
Reported: 8/12/2001 19:31
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Alton, VA
Shape: Cigar
Duration:10 seconds
On my way to work on Thursday 8-2-01 I stopped at a local gas station. As I left I looked to my left before pulling out and saw a large cigar (what I first thought was a blimp) shaped object at about four to five thousand feet. I live 55 miles due north of RDU so it is common to see a jet every few minutes at these altitudes descending into RDU. They are almost always going due south; this one was going south east. That caught my attention first, I next looked for wings thinking this must be a jet but could not find any. All I could see was a large cigar shaped white-gray object with a slight glow about it, the size of a blimp, but moving along at a rate much faster than a blimp is capable of. I next started to reach for my camera, as I did the thing seemed to shift into warp speed and with in two or three seconds put a lot of distance between me and it. I would guess it was maybe three to five miles distant when I first saw it, then with in ten seconds a spot in the distance. I did not take a picture because by the time I got my camera out of the case and turned on, it was so far away the picture would have been a spec on the horizon. Tom VA MUFON (our site is down)

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Virginia/MUFON for sharing the report here. PD))