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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/10/2001 03:45 (Entered as : 08/10/01 0345)
Reported: 8/10/2001 16:56
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Cedar Hill, TX
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hr., 15 min.
Large bright light moving at high speed comes to a complete stop, wanes in size and begins to pulsate with green, red and which color.

Object seen from Joe Pool Lake in Cedar Hill, Texas. I had a clear, panoramic view of the sky. Bright light (intensity of Haligen lights) moving from West to East. DFW Airport is located approximately 20 miles from my point of view, so I thought it was an airplane since planes fly in the area all the time. However, this light moved at the speed of a military jet. Suddenly the light came to a complete stop at about the two o'clock position in the NW part of the sky. It was still much larger than a star with a brightness consistent with Haligen lights. In a matter of minutes, it began to wane in size comparative with the stars around it. As it got smaller, the white light appeared to pulsate with color. I had binoculars with me and promptly used them for a better view. This object, or whatever, twinkled and pulsated with red, green and white colors. At times it appeared to have a strobe effect. I never took my eyes off of it and waited for it to make a move. Except for a small, gradual sway of motion to one side of the other, it successfully disguised itself as one of the stars, staying in formation with them, even throughout the earth's rotation. I watched for over an hour. Now I question my sanity . . .