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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/30/2001 22:00
Reported: 8/2/2001 20:18
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Jamestown, RI
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
((NUFORC Note: Source is anonymous. Pd))

Object resembling airplane light blinked in random patterns, moved strangely, then very quickly for a sec., turned red and dissappeared

Four of us (3 guys and one girl) were sitting on a beach (Sheffield's cove) in Jamestown, at night, and one of my friends said, "I thought that airplane over there was a firefly." So we all looked in the direction of the airplane, and sure enough it looked like an airplane flying in the distance, pretty far off. (It was a small light) We all thought it was funny our friend would mistake an airplane for a firefly. It caught our interest, and we all kept staring at the "airplane". It was blinking, more like pulsing, a white light, and it was pretty dim, and there was no repetitious pattern to the pulsing, it was a completely random order. It would blink a bit, then not blink for a few deconds, then blink a few times rapidly, and so forth, and something about it seemed odd to everyone there. (Except one of us, who we later discovered was looking at a real airplane in the sky, and thought we were nuts. We realized he was looking way to the left of the object were staring at) I couldn't figure out if the object was moving or not, it seemed to remain motionless, but then i made the suggestion out loud to compare it to the tree level to see if it is moving right or left. The trees were pretty far away, and there was an inch of sky between the object and the tree line from where we sat. (You know what I mean) So we all (except for the guy who wasn't looking in the right direction) were in agreement that it was moving to the right a bit. But then it seemed like it was back where it had been. We watched this thing for a few minutes, debating whether we were hallucinating or if was really was moving from side to side like this, but never the less something seemed very strange about it. Then it obviously moved higher in the sky, before dropping back down and to the right in a very quick motion, so fast that it left a trail in our vision. It had moved about an inch to the right in the sky. Then it was motionless again, while the three of us were all kinda freaking out and "did you see that?" sorta stuff. Then it sank below the trees, reappeared about 20 seconds later, just above the tree line, when it changed from a white light to a pulsing red light. Then it sank back down and was gone. It made no sounds. The whole incident lasted 5 minutes. It in the direction of north in the sky from were we were sitting. Northeast slightly.


I already submitted the report, but I left out the date and time, which is important I assume. Also, it was a very clear night outside, and yes there were airplanes in the sky that night, one flying at the same time as the object we saw, this being the plane the 4th person was looking at, thinking it was the object we were all bugging about. He made no suggestion that the plane he was staring at was acting in any strange way.))