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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/26/2001 20:15 (Entered as : 07/26/01 20:15)
Reported: 7/28/2001 12:23
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Dearborn Heights, MI
Shape: Cylinder
Slow moving (neon light tube) shaped object

On 7-26-2001 at approximately 8:15P.M. I was standing in my backyard when I observed a glowing white object approaching from the west and traveling east. I thought at first that it was a plane as I live near Metro Airport. As the object got closer I could see that it was not a plane. It reminded me of a long neon light tube and glowed in the same manner. This was not reflected light. It moved in a straight line from west to east at a slow steady pace. There was no sound and it seemed to be at a much greater altitude than the planes that fly overhead. By the time I ran into the house to get my camcorder it had disappeared from sight. This object was midway between the horizon and overhead as I faced in a southerly direction. Skies were clear blue and it was still daylight, a few whispy clouds. I am no longer a skeptic.