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Occurred : 2/15/1995 04:00 (Entered as : 2/15/95 04:00)
Reported: 7/9/2001 21:56
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: , OH
Shape: Disk
Duration:no sense of time...
UFO hovered next to us while driving down highway in Ohio, moved behind us and then disappeared

I am not sure about the date, but it was 4:00am of the morning that the space shuttle was supposed to be landing in Florida at about 6:00am. We were driving from Minnesota to New Jersey, and I believe it would have been I-80 or I-90 that we were traveling on in Ohio. The incident occurred in Ohio while driving on the highway in a very isolated area. My husband was driving, and myself, sister and daughter were sound asleep in the car. My husband said that it had been hovering along side of us in the car for quite a while, and he was stunned by it to the point he couldn't speak to wake me up. Finally, when he hit me in the leg to wake me, I instantly sat up and saw this thing with bright lights. If I remember correctly, it was an open isolated area with open fields around it and I would guess that it was hovering along the highway over the field. It was incredible, and I was so excited I wanted to get the camera but it was in the trunk. I jumped toward the back seat to awaken my sister who sat up to see it. It was as though once we were all awake and saw it that it moved behind the car over the highway and hovered behind us. It was as though it knew we were all aware of its presence. I looked ahead to see an overpass approaching where I wanted to stop so I could get my camera. When I looked back, it was gone. My husband said that it flew away in the blink of an eye. My sister was traumatized by it, and even at 28 years old will start crying when the subject is brought up. I don't think my daughter remembers it at all. The strange part of it also was that my husband was driving down the highway the entire time fixated on this UFO and not even paying attention to the road, yet he kept the car perfectly straight. The time was asked above, and I can only say that it was a couple of minutes from when I had been awakened. My husband on the other hand, said that it had been following him for quite a while... Even though my sister and myself were sound asleep, it was so incredibly huge and bright that the second we opened our eyes we saw it right there in front of us. There was no pointing to look at any object, you could not miss it. It had extremely bright lights, but I do not remember it having a "plasma" appearance as described in some sightings. I believe that the pictures that described it that way was a result of the camera or the fact that it was moving very fast that made it appear to look blurry. It was approximately the size of a football stadium. I called the (800)SIGHTINGS number to report it and left a message, and if they have record of my call you could determine the date that this took place. They never called me back. It was a couple of months after our sighting that I reported it. In summary, I have to say that when I was looking for my camera and considering pulling over...that the only other thoughts that were going through my head were if we stop under this bridge so I can get the camera out of the trunk...will they abduct us. They really were that close that I was starting to get worried and why they were following us like that... FYI... My cousin, ((name delted)), who sits on the International ((deleted--aviations organization)) (or something like that), referred me to this website to report it after a family gathering where it came up in conversation.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. We wonder whether the witness is alluding to the dramatic incident that occurred on the night of Tuesday, March 15, 1995, which was reported to NUFORC from approximately ten states. Witnesses included commercial pilots, police officers, and many citizens. PD))