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Occurred : 7/3/2001 22:30 (Entered as : 07/03/01 22:30)
Reported: 7/4/2001 13:03
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: San Diego, CA
Shape: Egg
Duration:15 minutes
((NUFORC Note: We have spoken with this young witness, and we found her to be quite eloquent and serious-minded in her report. We suspect she is an excellent source of factual information regardsing the event described here. Case is under active investigation. PD))

sister, friend and I saw some UFO's

I ran outside and I was about to ask my sister and her friend something when they started to tell me they thought they saw a UFO. So I ran down to where they were and started talking to my friend, and then we saw this big shape like an egg almost as big as a house, it was like a bluish, silvery color. Then we ran to tell my mom and she came outside to see if she if she could see it too. But it was gone so she went back in the house. Right as soon as my mom went in the house we saw a shape again but it was sort of a more triangler egg shape. Then the shape started to shoot out something in a line, and sort of looked like a lot of small triangles hooked together. The shape was like a silvery white color and was about as big as maybe a mansion. The color of the things that shot out of the shape were white. Then my friend and I ran back to our house to tell my mom again while my sister stayed back to see if she could see anything else. But my mom still didn't see anything so she went back in the house. After that we went to the spot to see if we could see anything else. But we didn't except for the sky which lit up behind these houses we weren't sure if it had landed or not. Then about five minutes later my sister and our friend were walking back to the house and I thought I saw some red lights moving around in a tree or something. I wasn't sure if it was anything so I called my sister and friend over to ask them if they saw anything but they said they didn't. So we walked back to the house. Then after we went back to the house my sister went back to the spot where we had been seeing the shapes and said she saw the red lights moving in the trees too.

((NUFORC Note: A more complete report from the same source, submitted after we had spoken with the witness. PD))

My friend and I were sitting on the curb in front of my house. We noticed a flash of bluish-white light to the left of us, and then an

My friend and I were sitting on the curb in front of my house. We noticed a flash of bluish-white light to the left of us, and then another flash of the same light to the right of us about 15 seconds later. We assumed that it might just be a strange form of lightning. We did find it a little strange because we usually see lightning behind our house, and the "lightning" seemed to just appear and move horizintally instead of the usual vertical lightning. My friend and I then went into the house. We were sitting on the couch, and looking out of the window when suddenly we saw an egg-shaped craft of the same color as the "lightning" in the sky a bit south of our house. It was about the size of a house. We ran out the front door and saw it disappear. In hopes to see it again, we then ran down the street towards the direction in which we had seen the ship. My sister came out of the house. We told her what we had seen and she joined us down the street. It had been about one minute since the first sighting when we saw the craft again. It was the same size, shape, and color. It was a little further south of the area in which it first appeared. The craft stayed in the sky for about 30 seconds and then disappeared. We ran back home and told my mother. She came outside with us and we went back down the street to the place we had been during the second sighting. We were out there telling my mother what happened for about 2-3 minutes. She then went in the house. About a minute or two later, my friend and sister and I were standing in the same spot when a second craft appeared in the place where the first sighting had occured. This craft was the same shape as the first, but it was twice as big. It was a light silver color. An extremely bright, white beam of light shot and of the craft and sort of beamed around the ship. There was some kind lightning-like bolts that seemed to be coming out of the beam of light which gave of white squiggly lines and small triangular light. The ship disappeared and we ran back to my house to get my mother again. She was outside with us for about 5 minutes but saw nothing and went back inside. My sister and friend and I then went back down the street to see if there was anything else to see. Our neighborhood is surrounded by canyons and my sister noticed red lights flashing around some trees in a canyon about 4 blocks south of us. My friend and i started walking back to my house and my sister followed. A minute or two later, I went back down the street to see these red lights. From the distance I was at from them, the lights were about the size of the tail lights of a car. They were flashing in a running-motion (sort of like the motion christmas lights) around the trees. I went back home. A few minutes later, when my sister and friend and I went back to see the red lights, they were gone.