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Occurred : 6/10/2001 23:30 (Entered as : 06/10/01 23:30)
Reported: 6/11/2001 14:02
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Beaver, OK
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
Bright intermittent pulsing light, horizon to horizon, no sound, maybe orbital or very high object, craft, not airplane?

Late sunday night, 11:30 pm - June 10th 2001, I was doing a little stargazing with binoculars. I was sorta waiting for the light clouds to go away, really just relaxing then I got a big 8 foot table out my wife had out at a garage sale the day before, got my other two sets of binocs out, and decided to stay a while. Anyway, this started at 11:30, I had been outside about 1 and a half hours. A bright light, I will say white-I am red and green color-blind a little, flashed or pulsed or lit-up or whatever to my right, south mostly and a tiny bit west-- I am lying flat down feet pointed directly east. Pretty damn bright, I think I saw it light up with my eyes closed or maybe partially open, dont really know. I thought I had missed one of those bright meteorite deally-bobbers. Approx 5-15 seconds later, now fully alert, a second flash, not really a flash more like a long flash lit up the same area , about like a street light at 2 or three blocks. I could now see it was moving almost directly north, a tiny bit east. I pointed my binocs at it and watched it pulse, light up, all the way across the sky, about 30 seconds, maybe 40 seconds, through the binocs until it went as far as I could see to the horizon. There was no sound, it looked at first like a aircraft landing light but I really think it was up a lot higher, like maybe a satellite reflecting sunlight while spinning, but I have probably watched hundreds and hundreds of satellites or space junk or whatever, and they never pulse light like this. The pulses were not evenly spaced, they were anywhere from 8 to 12 seconds apart, they were pretty bright, and this was a little hard to follow with 10x50 binocs because the light pulses were timed so far apart and not evenly spaced. It disappeared completly between light pulses. It was about like tracking a satellite across the sky, had to have been visible to a huge area on the ground, About 2 to 6 minutes after this, a satellite went over from west to east, all the other satellites were going north to south or south to north-cant remember now. Never saw anything like this before, pretty wierd, you would agree if you had seen it. I remembered the west-east satellite for reference and checked all my times with the clock in the kitchen. I dont believe aliens were taking pictures but when I went back inside, I made sure all the doors were locked.... I will take my video camera out with me tonite in case it was a re-occuring type thing.