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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/15/1994 15:30 (Entered as : 09/15/94 15:30)
Reported: 5/28/2001 03:39
Posted: 8/5/2001
Location: Melbourne, AR
Shape: Disk
Duration:10 seconds ?
I am a retired ((deleted--senior public employee)), City of Detroit, Mi. In 1991 We, my wife and youngest daughter, purchased a home in the "Ozarks", ((town deleted)), Ark. In Sept. ? of 1994 I drove into town to pick-up my daughter, age 6 yrs., and her friend, age 9 yrs. from school. It was 3:00 PM. We drove to "Red Mule" for ice-cream, then went straight to the friend of my daughter's home to await her mother, and my wife who were shopping in "Batesville" 35 miles distant. The girls played in the front yard and I remained in the truck. At approximatly 3:30 PM. A "B2" stealth bomber approached my vehicle at a right angle, and would fly directly over my truck. I hurriedly left the truck for an unobstructed view. This was a first and only phisical view of the B2. It was real low, real slow, real large, real black, and almost noiseless. Imagine my thrill as it lazily passed over me. I turned as it went over, and called the girls to look-up. They did, as they lined to my left. At this time,the B2 was maybe a hundred yards past. Then, the corner of my right eye picked-up the site of a "silver/metalic disc hurtling down crossways, right to left at about 45 degrees. It looked as though it would contact the "B2". In seemingly nothing-flat, the "disc" which appeared completely circular on its path downward suddenly flattened in a manuever and positioned itself directly over the canopy section (rearward probably of the windscreen)and at once was in perfect sinc with the direction, and knot-speed of the B2.My daughter's friend exclaimed loudly...AND WHAT IS THAT? I answered, DO YOU SEE THAT? She said YEA! as did my daughter. My mouth was dry, and my neck-hair bristled, or crawled. I was totally confused and riveted to this event. The "disc" in reality only hovered over the stealth for maybe 4 or 5 seconds and I strained to take it all in. The sky was 3D clear blue, and the sun was behind me, and to my left. The stealth was now directly moving straight away from us and suddenly there was a blinding yellowish/white fuzzy flash and the "disc" ! hurtled away at a withering rate of accelleration, and at a level on par with the "B2" and at a 20 to 30 degrees "port" angle to the "B2"s dead reckoning. Several more seconds elapsed before I thought to "count". I then counted about 5 seconds and the "disc was gone into and beyond the horizon. I switched my stare back to the stealth and to my amazement, it had not pursued,nor altered its heading, nor differentiated in its rate of velocity. As I have so stated; the "disc" was of a silver/metalic nature. I had it in my vision extremely clear. There were no portals of any kind. There were no discernable seams,nor rivits although at that distance of probably five hundred feet or more down the road; these features might'nt be visible to the naked eye. There were no lights, nor markings that I could discern. In short, nothing but the superb showing of the silver/metalic skin, and the shape. It was circular, flat bottomed, with a curved, or arched topside and sloping gently towards the bottom edge, yet extending slightly past then curving tightly downward, and inward,and straightening to the bottom edge. End of story. Beginning of mystery. There is a MUFON chapter somewhere near Batesville, Ark. ? A lady doctor fields the calls. I contacted her after my daughter's friends mother took the MUFON contact number from a T.V. U.F.O. show several weeks after our encounter. I related this same account to her, and she advised me that this was a remarkable event that did not occur often. I no longer have her number. As we talked, she advised me that there would in several weeks time be an international mufon gathering in Silver Springs, Ark. I however did not attend, but maybe you have heard of it, or possibly attended. Let me know if you are able to confirm this with any other information. Thankyou. We have moved once again after 1994.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))