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Occurred : 5/26/2001 01:15 (Entered as : 05/26/01 0115)
Reported: 5/26/2001 19:07
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Hillsboro, OR
Shape: Light
Duration:20 minutes
Strange light in Hillsboro, OR (1 week after same type of sighting reported in Hillsboro by other witnesses.)

Early Saturday morning of May 26th around 0100, I went outside for some fresh air and gaze at some stars. It was very nice outside so I went back in to tell my girlfriend to come out and see a very beautiful nightsky, since we're both avid stargazers. She came out and I went back inside for a few minutes, as I watching TV, she ran in the house to grab the binoculars, saying she's seeing strange lights flying around. She ran in again and told me to hurry up and come out. OK, OK I said to myself, probably a airplane or something. I waited for a commercial to come on and went outside. She excitedly gave me the binoculars and pointed to the direction of these lights. Before raising the binocs to my eyes, I saw a couple of flashes in the distance, low on the horizon maybe 20 to 30 degrees up. As I looked in the glasses, sure enough, a flashing & dancing light, blinking reds, whites and blues. The direction we were looking was a SSE direction from our patio. It was flashing on & off changing colors and moving so erraticly, I knew right away I was seeing something strange, not an airplane, a star, or planet. We're both amature astronomers and look at the nightsky alot, we both never seen anything close to this! My girlfriend had been watching this object for about 10 minutes before me, and I observed this for about 10 minutes myself. The way this light was moving around was so strange, blinking and showing up in a different direction, but staying in 1 general area the whole time we watched it. I strated getting dimmer towards the end and slowly sank below a distant tree and disappeared. We both are clueless on what this was, a definante UFO dancing under a very beautiful Mars and flashing in and around a rising Sagittarius constellation. Just Incredible! I thought about this websight right away since I reported a fireball a few months earlier. Low and behold! Checked the May 2001 reports and saw a report of a light seen in Hillsboro, OR by 3 witnesses on May 20th, word for word described exactly like what we'd seen (on May 26th) We could'nt believe it. They reported having a videotape of their sighting. We don't have any photographic evidence, but sure would like to see their video! Other witnesses said they seen the object in the vicinity of Farmington Road and 210th Ave. Thats the exact area we were seeing our sighting, we're loacted by the area of Minter Bridge and River roads, a couple of miles from Farmington Road. Again, really need to see this video! Thanks