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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/2/1998 19:15 (Entered as : 06/02/98 19:15)
Reported: 5/24/2001 09:18
Posted: 8/5/2001
Location: Lake Weir, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
I saw a trangular craft near US 441 and Sunset Harbor Rd on June 4th 1998 about 300 ft off the ground, moving slowly

I was traveling South on US 441 near Sunset Harbor Rd. I looked to the left and saw over the trees and fields about 500 feet off the ground a strange craft, tranglular shaped object moving about 20 MPH. The object was about 300 feet across! It had a series of about 6 lights on the underside which was circular around a dome on the underside. These lights were shooting a beam in the direction of the crafts movement. In the center of these lights was a red light blinking or pulsating. I turned and followed the craft towards my home. I got to my home on the lake and jumped out of my car, my son was in the back yard, he was watching the craft also. We watched the craft go acrosss Lake Weir in the direction of Cocoa Beach FL. The craft made no noise, continued about the same speed.