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Occurred : 6/20/1998 02:00 (Entered as : 6/20/98 0200)
Reported: 5/20/2001 15:07
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Hartsgrove, OH
Shape: Light
Strange lights in the small town of Hartsgrve

It was the summer of '98, just after my senior year of high school. Me and my friend had just gotten back to his house on Ireland Road near route 86 in Hartsgrove from an evening out with some friends. Instead of turning in for the night we decided to shoot the breeze for a while because the weather was so nice. So after a while of sitting in my car talking we noticed a strange light in the east sky. It seemed to be off in the horizon moving steadily closer and higher into the sky. It was such an odd looking light, it was so bright but it's light seemed so artificial so unlike that of a star. That is what initially got us out of my car to go investigate what we were seeing. As we watched we noticed that it seemed to be moving about the sky in small figure eight configurations all the time while changing the intensity of it's light. After a while of watching the strange light do the same thing over and over again we lost interst and went back to talking. Then about twenty minutes later in the north sky we noticed a weird looking craft in the sky, it was a rather wide looking object that made no noise, was pitch black in appearance, and only had three lights on it (one red light on each end and a blue light right in the center of it.) If it was an airplane it was one neither of us had ever seen before. About ten minutes later there was a huge flash of white light down the center of the sky and the aircraft that was on our left side (south) was now on the right of us. Other than the fog that had rolled in just before the flash of light it was a perfectly clear night. So to say the least we were pretty freaked out. Now this is the really freaky part of our night. We were still in my friend's front yard talking about the weird stuff that was going on, not thinking too much into the events that had all happened within an hour and a half. Like I said we were in his front yard just talking, we were facing towards each other, and I was looking at the ground kicking at some dandelions. All of a sudden the ground got brighter like someone was shining a spotlight at us. When I looked up over my left shoulder into the south sky I saw a perfectly round, perfectly white light floating down out of the sky right at us without giving off a single sound. It was so bright I had to shield my eyes as I tried to look at it. I was so stunned all I could do was yell, "What the hell is that?!" to my friend. As I got to "hell" the ball of light stopped on a dime not more than forty feet away from us and immediatly shrunk in size, hovered for a brief second, and shot straight up into the sky with such amazing speed. We watched it as it traveled among the stars until we lost track of it because it was moving so fast and blended in so well with the stars. It was at that time that I turned to my friend and said, "I think it's time I go home and go to bed now." And that's it, that was my one of a few strange sightings in Hartsgrove township.