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Occurred : 4/27/2001 21:55 (Entered as : 042701 21:55)
Reported: 5/10/2001 05:18
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Diamond
8-9 identical hovering, stationary objects with oscillating diamond shaped white light patterns. 70-100 feet above Seattle I-5 corridor

While driving northbound along the I5 corridor on Friday, April 27th, between Olympia and Bellingham, I passed through the city of Seattle. It was 9:50pm. As I reached the area adjacent to West Seattle, I spotted a light in the sky, which at first I took for an aircraft inbound to Boeing Field or Seatac Intl. Airport. However, after less than a minute, I looked up again and noticed that the light had not moved and that I, rather, was moving toward this light which hovered midair above the neighborhood on the East side of the highway, approximately 70 to 100 feet up. As I drove past the object, I looked at it through my sunroof and wondered if it was a helicopter. I noticed the counter-clockwise cycling strobes of white lights tracing the pattern of a diamond under the craft while two or more other white lights glowed without flashing. Moments later, I saw a second identical object on the same side of the highway less than 200 feet North of the original one. As I scanned the skyline, I realized that two more identical stationary craft were hovering above the downtown area at approximately the same height. After an accidental detour due to the distraction, at the James Avenue exit, I returned to the highway and proceeded toward the University District where I saw two more on my right (East) and another on my left which was moving. I watched the moving object, which passed above me NW to SE about 100 feet up. After it passed out of my field of vision, I watched another hovering, stationary craft with bright blue and red blinking lights remeniscent of a police light bar. At this point I decided to pull over and get out of my vehicle when the next one came into view. As I drove on, I did not witness any others. At this time I switched on the Art Bell show, just beginning. Before the program, local KOMO Seattle news had nothing to report on the matter and Neither did Art Bell or his callers. All of the craft, with the exception of one were identical and behaved like helicopters or Harrier jets.! Becaus e of their apparent size, I first believed the craft to be double rotor helicopters. I looked around at other motorists driving beside me but there were no other noticeable witnesses.