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Occurred : 4/17/2001 16:35 (Entered as : 04/17/01 16:35)
Reported: 4/18/2001 11:56
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Yorba Linda, CA
Shape: Cone
Duration:2 min
Spinning cone shaped object over Yorba Linda California area.

While sitting in moderately moving traffic on the eastbound 91 freeway I spotted a cone shaped (the larger end on top)object on the north side of the freeway over the Yorba Linda area with clear skies and no apparent wind conditions. There many vehicles in my immediate vicinity but I cannot account for any other witnesses. A report of the same nature would confirm. I first dismissed the object a ballon as it was seemingly rising at a moderate rate. When I looked once again at the object I noticed that it had stopped rising and was stationary. The traffic had stopped and I directed my full attention to what I was observing and noticed that although that it was stationary it was spinning. I couldn't determine the color of the object as the sun was casting a orange/red color upon it. There was however something that casted a dark shadow or a black section on the object that alternated that gave me the impression that it was spinnig. It began to rise again at a faster rate and reluctantly I had to move forward in the traffic which put the object out of my line of sight.