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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/10/1997 10:30 (Entered as : 03-10-97 10:30)
Reported: 4/11/2001 06:54
Posted: 4/28/2001
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Shape: Triangle
Boomerang UFO sits on barn

This report was made by ISUR. I would like to add additional info. that was not listed. When first seeing the moving lights(several in the trees next to barn about 100ft away from me) I thought it was helicopters, but there was no sound. After opening the gate, I looked up the balls of light morphasized into a boomerang shaped craft and was sitting on top of my barn with wings overlapping both sides of the barn(150 ft wide)and just 15 ft above my head. It was of unusual texture, almost like a shark, did not reflect light and was boomerang in shape. I was not afraid at all. The really strange part of the story was after opening the gate for my husband to drive in.(He always waits for me to close gate and get back in the car)This time he drove right passed me and did not stop. Somehow I got to the entrance of the barn before he did and was there when he got out of the car.(I can not get this point off of my mind and I wonder if we were abducted) There did seem to be some time lapse of 30 to 45 minutes. We both watched the UFO disappear over the barn. It seemed to go invisable and we could see stars through it. Over a year later we were informed by ISUR that a neighbor(in his seventies) had seen so many lights over and around our barn that he had bought a Video Camero in hopes of video taping the lights. This makes over 5 people other that my husband and myself that had seen ufo type objects over our farm. The following is the case study by ISUR At approx. 11:30 pm on a weekday evening during the first week of March 1997 (*there is some uncertainty as to the exact day), Mr. and Mrs. Doe (pseudonyms) were returning to their home, located east of the city of Canton, in unincorporated Cherokee County GA. The Does run a horse farm, utilizing a large industrial-type building (which they call a"barn") located some 200-300 feet off the highway. As they got up to the fence gate at the end of the driveway, Mrs. Doe noticed a large, lighted object up above and to the right, above some very tall pine trees. From the car, both witnesses then observed the object begin to descend, moving toward a position above their barn, in a series of jerky, stop-and-go motions. Mrs.Doe got out of the car to open the gate, and both continued to observe the object while Mr. Doe pulled the car forward to the front of the barn. The witnesses state that the object was hovering only a slight distance (perhaps 10-20 feet) above the barn. Meanwhile, Mrs. Doe walked forward to a point at the corner of the building, where she could clearly see the object directly above her. About the time Mr. Doe got out of the car, the object vanished. The two are not sure whether the disappearance was by "blinking off like a lightbulb" (Mr. Doe' impression), or by near-instantaneous acceleration and flying away (Mrs. Doe's impression). Total time of the sighting was estimated, with difficulty, as 3-5 minutes. The object was described as triangular or boomerang-shaped, and very dark, "darker than shadow," "darker than black." There was one "dull red" light at each (side) end of the object, while the other corner was unlit. It appeared to be as wide as the building (approximately 120 feet). Mr. Doe said that the area between the "arms" of the "V" was difficult to see and may have been either solid (making it a triangle) or not really filled in (making it more like a boomerang shape). Finally, even though the farm houses about 50 horses as well as geese, cats and dogs, both witnesses noted a total, complete silence throughout the event, a silence the witnesses felt was very strange. Mrs. Doe states that she was not going to report the sighting until a property developer working on a nearby parcel of land came to her home, introduced himself, and said that some men working for him had seen a football-field-sized object above the Doe's property. After the encounter described here, Mrs. Doe then found ISUR's website. An onsite interview and walk-through was conducted by ISUR investigator and myself on 6/12/97. The two witness' accounts matched up well, although not perfectly, which does not support the idea of a preplanned deception. Mr. Doe could not verify his wife's first impression of a more-lighted object when she initially saw it, although he says that from the drivers' seat he was not in position to see it well. Driving onto the driveway at a later time, I judged that this makes sense; and also, I noted that the driveway lacks enough angle to put a car's headlights up enough to have struck an object hovering above the barn, so there is no logical discrepancy there. Mr. Doe is an amateur astronomer and states that he is very familiar with the night sky, and had recently spent considerable time viewing comet Hale-Bopp.

((NUFORC Note: "Mr. and Mrs. Doe" appear to be pseudonyms. PD